View Full Version : URGENT!! Hillary Needs Your Help!!!!!

05-28-07, 03:29 AM
Please help Hillary pick a Campaign Theme Song. I posted a poll on my blog.


05-28-07, 06:43 AM
I voted, couldn't resist!! I tend to like the Rolling Stones!!

05-28-07, 08:38 AM
I just voted. Picked R.E.M. It just seemed so appropriate!!

05-28-07, 09:41 AM
Glad you guys liked the options.
I got the idea from a story actually. It seems that she is running a poll and has a number of happy happy joy joy songs. But she messed up by allowing for comments and received some alternatives.

05-28-07, 10:36 AM
Ha-ha! After showing me the results of my vote, the ads that came up were for "bags"! :D