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05-21-07, 08:48 AM
Biggest loser
Specter of boot camp leads senior to drop more than 100 pounds
Posted : May 28, 2007

You don’t have to be a Marine to know what happens if a recruit shows up at Parris Island, S.C., and isn’t physically ready to undergo the miraculous transformation of boot camp — he gets special attention, as actor R. Lee Ermey explained in “Full Metal Jacket,” “because you are a disgusting fat-body, Private Pyle!”

But Logan Allie, 19, has done his best to make sure drill instructors don’t yell that in his ear. The Olmsted Falls, Ohio, high school senior hired a personal trainer, stopped eating junk food and lost 106 pounds in 10 months so he could join the Corps.

“I really wanted to be a Marine because they’re the best of the best,” said Allie, who once weighed 310 pounds. “I told myself, ‘I want a challenge, and this is the biggest one I can get.’”

At 6 feet, 4 inches tall, Allie didn’t really look fat when he weighed more than 300 pounds, just pudgy. But the Corps wants someone his height to be below 237 pounds when he reports to boot camp.

Joe Butler, Allie’s trainer, said he persuaded him to eat oatmeal and fruit for breakfast instead of four eggs and two slices of toast.

Allie’s diet now consists of tuna, a cheese stick and an orange, apple and banana for lunch. For dinner, he has vegetables with a chicken breast, burger or steak.

By July, Allie was down to 242 pounds, enough to qualify for the Corps’ delayed-entry program. But he didn’t let up on diet or exercise, going back to school last fall weighing 220. Now down to 204 pounds, Allie expects to graduate June 18 and ship out to Parris Island later this summer.