View Full Version : Fun, games teach Marines at Foster some hard truths

05-19-07, 06:20 AM
Fun, games teach Marines at Foster some hard truths

By Cindy Fisher, Stars and Stripes
Pacific edition, Sunday, May 20, 2007

CAMP FOSTER, Okinawa — Drinking and tricycles just don’t mix.

That’s the lesson some Marines learned at Camp Foster’s 101 Critical Days of Summer safety stand-down at the base theater Friday.

They navigated an obstacle course while riding tricycles and wearing “beer goggles,” which simulated vision while intoxicated at various levels of blood alcohol content.

Those cones just came out of nowhere was a common response from goggled Marines.

“It was crazy; I couldn’t see,” said Lance Cpl. Terrance Guillory.

After hitting just about every cone, Pfc. Iganacio Suarez agreed. “It was hard to see the cones until I was really, really close to them.”

By then it was too late.

Suarez wasn’t the only cone-killer.

While goggled, Cpl. Jason Terriquez said he “had trouble with everything.”

Staff Sgt. Lisa Shanks, who hit her fair share of cones, admitted, “I’ve definitely outgrown tricycles.”

An exception to the goggled-mania was Cpl. Joseph Madness. He didn’t touch a cone.

But then, he’s been goggled many times before.

A Drug Abuse Resistance Education officer, he has his own pair of “beer goggles” he admits he occasionally wears around the house.

The event wasn’t all fun and games, said James Lentz, the base’s Occupational Health and Safety supervisor.

The annual event highlights the dangers associated with off-duty activities during the summer.

Water safety, heat stress injuries and the dangers of drunken driving were just a few of the messages.

The Ginowan Police Department also ran a seatbelt convincer, demonstrating the jolt even a 3 mph collision has, and gave a motorcycle safety demonstration.

“During summer we start to see a lot of accidents,” and this event focuses on staying safe, Lentz said.

Last weekend on Okinawa, two soldiers were killed after the car they were in crashed into a sign post. And on mainland Japan, a sailor was killed after crashing his motorcycle into a guardrail.