View Full Version : Fort Dix arrest slices father's business

Ed Palmer
05-13-07, 08:13 AM
Fort Dix arrest slices father's business <br />
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COOKSTOWN, New Jersey (AP) -- The father of one of the six men charged with plotting to massacre soldiers at Fort Dix says the business that he's...

Sgt Leprechaun
05-13-07, 01:18 PM
Perhaps he should have paid more attention to what his son and his little buddies were doing.

05-13-07, 04:42 PM
Good post Sgt Leprechaun!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry but this PC attitude everybody has has turned me into a racist!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT and fatass sharpton and mushmoouth jackson!!!!!!!

SEMPER FI, :bunny:

Sgt Leprechaun
05-13-07, 06:23 PM
Years ago (and thanks for the kind words, by the way) if there had been an attack on our soil, those advocating such things would have been, at minimum, watched, and at maximum, jailed. This was commonplace. It happened in the Civil War, the SpanAm war, WWI, WWII, Korea.......

Now, we are faaaar more worried about 'offending' some illegal, some mooslum, or some other scumbag, who'd like nothing more than to kill us all.

At least he won't be 'offended' while doing so. I can certainly sleep better at night knowing that. We've protected his 'rights'.

Excuse me a minute, while I go throw up into the nearest metal trash can.

05-15-07, 02:55 PM
I would suggest Mr Tatar take two "tough-sh!t" pills, and call me in the morning!!!:evilgrin:

05-15-07, 05:29 PM
That father of his deserves no sympathy, we already know his son is a rat. The local news (usually a bunch of liberal apologists) ran a snippet about the dad. He's got a sign out in front that says "under new management" when the reporter looked into it, there's been no changes to ownership or actual management. I guess he feels that lying is going to help his business. BUSTED!

mark king
05-15-07, 06:45 PM
so what.i dont give a crap. boo f#$king hoo.