View Full Version : Marines charged in hazing incident at Lejeune

03-08-03, 01:17 PM
March 07, 2003 <br />
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Marines charged in hazing incident at Lejeune <br />
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Four Marines with an elite anti-terrorism unit have been charged in connection with the alleged hazing and indecent assault of...

03-08-03, 02:20 PM
When I could get away with it when I was in the field or on a DET, I always tried to stay in the barracks with my Marines. I was able to keep an eye on them so they wouldn't get themselves into trouble like that. The only place I didn't get away with it was in Hawaii. The First Sergeant had me buffaloed.

Pin on the medals. Pin on the bloodstripes. Let 'em puke in the sinks....more than that was usually trouble. Friggin' Duty NCO's didn't care, long as it didn't mess with them.

03-09-03, 08:29 AM
Does this mean no more gauntlets after promotion? No more pinning of jump wings? No more branding of scout snipers? No more polywogging? RIP? Ballbuster runs in the Alpha uniform? Hell no more Boot Camp? Now it will be refferred to as Basic Training!!!!!!!! WTF is wrong with society today? The softer more gentle American Society? We are supposed to be Warriors? What about the Indian sundance where young boys had to have wooden pins inserted into the flesh of their chests then tethered to a pole until they could break themselves free by ripping the flesh to become a warrior? I personally do not like where this is heading!! I guess we have seen the last of a true shellback.