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05-11-07, 07:35 PM
Tricare moves more drugs to costliest tier
By Kelly Kennedy - Staff writer
Posted : Friday May 11, 2007 19:16:46 EDT

Tricare is upping the price for some sleeping, pain, glaucoma and depression medication beginning Aug. 1, according to the Defense Department.

The drugs will move to the third tier of the prescription drug formulary, which means their price will bump up to $22 from $9 for a 30-day supply obtained from retail pharmacies or for a 90-day supply through the Tricare Mail Order Pharmacy program.

The changes come as the Pentagon tries to lower costs by promoting generic drugs over more-expensive brand-name drugs.

The latest list of affected drugs include sleeping medications Sonata, Rozerem and Ambien CR; pain medication Ultram ER; glaucoma medications Travatan, Travatn Z, Istalol and Azopt; and depression medication Emsam.

For more information, visit Tricare’s Web site.



05-11-07, 09:22 PM
Our congress needs to get off of its', recessing, tired arses, and get something done on this drug situation too. You think we are getting screwed by the oil companies (state and federal ****ing taxes beat anything the ******* oil companies make), take a look at what screwing we are getting from the damn drug companies!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about crooks, they wrote the book on ****ing people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


05-12-07, 06:56 AM
Almost as much as the aciphex I have to take for my severe heartburn...lucky for me, the Navy Pharmacy on base carries aciphex which is free. My cost share in town at the local pharmacy is $24.00.