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03-05-03, 12:18 PM
"A Gunny's Wise Words"

1. Wait until you have stood on the yellow foot prints.

2. Wait until your Senior DI calls you a Marine for the first time.

3. Wait until the first time you Qual Expert.

4. Wait until you get your Blood Stripes.

5. Wait until the first time a enemy round goes by and you still do your job.

6. Wait until you say Semper Fi in a firefight.

7. Wait until the Commandant cries at your bedside.

8. Wait until you close the eyes of one of your own.

9. Wait until the Presidents message is read at your retirement.

10. Wait until Saint Peter says well done Marine.

Even then you might not have the right, if you have not really understood what it means to be a Marine!

"Be now the shield for evermore from every peril to OUR CORPS!" God Bless


T.G. Hill, GySgt USMC, (Ret)