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04-29-07, 06:50 AM
Local Marines Return Home From Iraq

(CBS4) MIAMI GARDENS As President Bush battles Congress over a war spending bill and a deadline for withdrawal, some South Florida Marines who've been fighting in Iraq are back home.

A group of approximately 30 marines from the Miami Scout & Tow Marine Unit returned to South Florida Saturday night after 8 months in Iraq.

Family and friends of the soldiers met at the unit's headquarters in Miami Gardens and immediately hugged their loved ones when they got off the bus.

Lisa Sheffield made a bee-line top the bus as she waited for her son. A day didn't pass during the last eight month's when her son wasn't the focal point of her prayers.

"I prayed everyday that he would come home, so I wrote this poem and said this prayer everyday to let him know the angels will always be watching over him," said Sheffield as she hugged her sone.

The angels were apparently watching over everyone in the unit, which was stationed in Fallujah to search for explosive roadside device.

Despite some bumps in bruises, nobody in the unit was killed while in Iraq.