View Full Version : Marines welcomed home, mourn loss of fallen comrade

04-27-07, 07:14 AM
Marines welcomed home, mourn loss of fallen comrade

April 26, 2007 11:14 PM

Huntsville's new fire chief and his family are grieving the loss of their son.

LCpl. Adam Loggins was killed this week while serving in Iraq. He's the son of fire chief Danny Loggins and his wife Becky.

The family is asking for your thoughts and prayers. And they're certainly receiving them from all across the Heart of the Valley. And that includes their marine family.

Three young men who served in Iraq for about seven months made it home to their families Thursday night. Families were ecstatic to have them home, but heartbroken that not every family is as fortunate.

A hero's welcome, and the angst of three families, finally put to rest.

LCpl. Chad Yeager, Cpl. Michael Rickard and LCpl. Zeth Tays, all marines home, safe and sound, despite the dangers.

"He was in a couple of explosions, he lost a friend," said Deron Tays of his son.

Constant worries and sleepless nights...

"About eight month's worth."

Now over for wife Jeni Rickard. A hug and a kiss seal the deal. These guys are glad they're home.

"Support the troops. It's getting better, it really is," said Cpl. Rickard.

But a startling reality lingers. Among the parents, spouses, and fellow marines, Adam Loggins, a young man unknown to them, a fellow marine, can't come home.

"These guys pay a tough price," said Staff Sgt. James Wittkop, who came home from Iraq Saturday.

They call it the price of freedom.

"I can't say how sorry I am for them. Terrible," said Mike Yeager.

It's their duty, their honor, their life on the line. And they vow they'll never forget their fallen comrade.

"We're not promised we'll make it home. God bless him. God bless him," said LCpl. Chad Yeager.

LCpl. Loggins was 23 years old. He graduated from East Limestone High School.