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07-16-02, 11:03 AM
Wrbones, post on "Morning Coffee" , made me realize what a beautiful morning today is. I went outside and took a picture to share with yo all.

If you like to listen to "It's a beautiful morning," click on the button below. Hope it works, its an mp3 file.

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Originally posted by wrbones
I'm in a bit of a somber mood this morning. Old friend of mine used to say "You appear to be pensive, today." Meant I was being quiet and thinking stuff over is all. Had to look it up, myself. Feller kept me in the dictionary half the time I knew him! LOL. I do like that morning air, though. It just feels good, ya know. Got a good taste to it. Always does. It's a new day, got potential.

Things that haven't been done yet, new things, or maybe doing the old things a little better next time. Don't have to worry, it ain't happened yet, if it's bad. Bad things most certainly do come along. Another test, if you will, of what's inside you. But it's early. It ain't happened yet, so you don't think about it. Just sit and have yer coffee.

For some it's another night of discomfort, and sleeplessness. Well, that's another night over. It's a new day. There's always hope in a new day. Just try to relax a bit, take a deep breath, and try to consider the day for what it is. To be molded, or to mold you, mebbe. A chance to grow a bit, learn something you didn't know. It's early. Listen to the birds lettin each other know whose airspace is whose. Watching the sun come up. Always amazes me.

I never figured on living this long, myself. LOL. That's just because of having been a damn fool and life in general! LOL. We all get caught up in the pettishness of living, forgettin the important things. One of them being, a good cup of coffee in the morning. And the sweetness of a new day. Paper ain't here, yet, I'll give ya holler when it is. You know where the coffee's at. Have at 'er. I'm gonna sit and listen to the birds for a bit.