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02-25-03, 12:38 PM
Veterans Memorial Museum was established to maintain a museum for the inspiration, remembrance and preservation of the memories of all America's Veterans and their sacrifices for America's freedom. Help us to keep our Veteran's memories alive so...


Come and Hear

The stories of the sacrifices made by our heroes of peacetime and wartime are heard throughout our museum by the pictures, paintings, artifacts and the veterans themselves.Enjoy a cup of coffee with the staff and other veterans who gather at our "USO coffee bar".

Come and See
in The Stan Price Viewing Room

Our viewing and interview room is dedicated to Stanton Price, who endured 3 1/2 years in various Japanese prison camps during WWII. Hear his story and the stories of many other veterans from WWI through the Persian Gulf.

They will talk about their fears, their joys, the friends they made and the friends they left behind. They all share a special message to this and future generations.

Come and Observe

We have 59 8'x7' cases full of artifacts such as items from nations who were our enemies during various conflicts and wars.

We have a wonderful display of Civil War items from medical kits to saddles and weapons. We also have extensive WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Persian Gulf displays.