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02-22-03, 09:04 PM
On Friday I received an assignment via e-mail from my English teacher stating that I should contact a vetern over the weekend and have them recount to me his/her story of whatever conflict they were in and have this ready for Monday. In the non-honors classes, students were assigned local veterns and we each need a "unique perspective" and since the stories of my grandfather are scarce and most of the details are slipping from my grandmother, I decided to come ask you, the Marines on this board, about your time in the Marine Corps. I figured I would one up my teacher and get a compilation of stories from Marines from different conflicts/wars and peacetime vs wartime service.

She said to ask specific questions, but I do not want to offend or bring back any painful memories by asking, so this pup has decided to let the vetern determine what they would like to share. It can be anything- boot camp, first assignment, a joke that was played on you or a friend, or your last night as an active duty Marine- funny or serious. All this pup requires is:

Conflict/war/peacetime assignment etc.

Since some stories are more personal in nature and some people don't want them floating all over the net due to trolls, please e-mail them to me at


Thank you.

Very respectfully,