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07-15-02, 01:00 PM
John Walker Lindh, the American captured in Afghanistan fighting for the Taliban, pleaded guilty Monday to two charges in a surprise deal with prosecutors that spared him from life in prison.

The government hailed the plea as an important victory and said Lindh would cooperate with U.S. intelligence and investigators in anti-terrorism efforts in exchange for his 20-year sentence.

The deal, which caught even the trial judge off guard, was announced on the first day of what was supposed to be a weeklong series of hearings at which defense lawyers hoped to get statements Lindh made to investigators thrown out of his trial.
AP/Alexandria County Sheriff's Department [19K]

``I plead guilty. I plead guilty, sir,'' Lindh told the judge as he entered the plea to two charges alleging he supplied help to the Taliban and carried explosives.

Under terms of his deal with prosecutors, Lindh, 21, would serve two consecutive 10-year prison sentences. The 10 charges in the original indictment carried at least three maximum life sentences.

``The court finds your plea of guilty to be knowing and voluntary,'' U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III said. ``The court accepts your plea and adjudges you now guilty.''

With his parents and younger sister seated behind him, Lindh rose in his green prison jumpsuit to face the judge and state in his own words the crimes he committed.

``I provided my services as a soldier to the Taliban last year from about August to November. During the course of doing so I carried a rifle and two grenades,'' he said.

U.S. Attorney Paul J. McNulty, chief prosecutor in the case, called the pleading ``an important victory for the American people in the battle against terrorism.

``This is a tough sentence. This is an appropriate punishment and this case proves that the criminal justice system can be an effective tool in the fight against terrorism.'' McNulty said.

The plea deal, McNulty said, means the U.S. government is now ``able to use our limited and very vital resources, not only to continue to prosecute terrorists but to pursue the military campaign.''

Noting Lindh's ongoing cooperation, Attorney General John Ashcroft hailed the plea deal. ``He will now spend the next 20 years in prison nearly as long as he has been alive,'' Ashcroft said.

President Bush approved the outlines of the deal last week, according to White House and administration officials.

At the Pentagon, spokeswoman Victoria Clarke said that as part of the deal, Lindh agreed to ``cooperate on any future intelligence and information gathering,'' with regard to his knowledge about the Taliban and al-Qaida.

Lindh, who grew up in California before journeying to Afghanistan, was slated for trial Aug. 26.

His lawyers had planned to use a series of hearings this week to ask Ellis to throw out statements Lindh made during his capture because he had not been advised of his rights.

The judge even opened the hearing Monday with some procedural remarks, before defense lawyer James Brosnahan interjected.

``There is a change in plea,'' Brosnahan said, explaining the deal was reached during negotiations Sunday night.

Legal sources, who spoke only on condition of anonymity, said the judge learned fo the deal about 20 minutes before the start of Monday's hearing.

Lindh's father said he was thankful the government dropped the more serious terrorism charges. Frank Lindh said he told his son after he was brought back to the United States that South African leader ``Nelson Mandela served 26 years and I told him to be prepared for something like that.''

``John has no bitterness,'' Frank Lindh added.

Lindh's mother described him as a ``kind, humble and a loving son'' who went to Afghanistan to ``satisfy a thirst'' for Islam.

``He did not go to Afghanistan with the intention of fighting against the United States,'' Marilyn Walker said.

Before acepting the plea, Ellis asked Lindh if he was willing to forego a trial.

``Yes, sir,'' Lindh responded.

The judge then asked Lindh a series of standard questions about his background.

``I attended some college in California as well as Yemen,'' Lindh explained in a soft voice.

The judge asked him to speaker louder. ``Do you feel as though you can make a decision about your future today?'' Ellis asked.

``Yes,'' responded Lindh, who would be 41 when freed from prison under terms of the plea deal.

Lindh, from a middle-class family in Marin County, Calif., broke onto the American scene in December when he was discovered among Taliban prisoners captured in Afghanistan.

With long hair and a beard, he gave a hospital bed interview to a freelance reporter for CNN explaining describing his allegiance to the Taliban.

In military interrogations, he also claimed to have met Osama bin Laden once, government lawyers said.

It was those statements that his lawyers were seeking this week to keep out of the trial before the deal was reached.

While Lindh's team had disputed government accounts of his statements, prosecutors contended that he described enlisting in the Taliban; training at a camp the government says was run by al-Qaida; meeting with bin Laden in Afghanistan in the summer of 2001; and learning from others at the camp that the al-Qaida leader had sent operatives to carry out suicide missions against the United States and Israel.

In advance of Monday's announcement, Lindh's lawyers had been plotting a strategy aimed at challenging the use in court of statements he made while still in Afghanistan. They had contended that the failure to tell him of his right to remain silent and have an attorney present violated his rights. They also had said that Lindh was malnourished, deprived of sleep, bound and blindfolded, conditions that should invalidate anything he said.

Prosecutors responded that the Miranda rule spelling out a defendant's rights has no place on the battlefield. They argued Lindh was treated as well as U.S. soldiers in the field.

07-15-02, 01:25 PM
say they should stand him up against a wall and shoot him :mad: twenty years isn't enough.

07-15-02, 03:10 PM
Death before dishonor... This boys life is dishonor...

Though, a life sentence in most states is 20 years or at least can be petitioned for parole at 20 years. In a way, he has gotten life. But I do recall a time when they shot people for this very thing.

From what was said of Ashcroft in this, it looks like Jihad Johnny is giving up some info that has been usefull. Perhaps if he'd done that sooner, the CIA agent and former Marine Capt would still be alive with his wife and son.

You are right, Gary, stand him up against a wall and shoot him. Think it would be difficult to get any volunteers?

07-15-02, 04:19 PM
Let's see Mike Spahn (Capt USMC) is dead, he'll never see his kids grow up...

Poor little F-up'd Johnny W. betrays his country, and his parents still think of him a good liitle boy....Hmmm what does that say about them.

I never felt little Johnny should have been shot but twenty in a Fed prison with lots of books and cable TV seems a mite light to me. That would make him 41 when he is sprung--assuming Pres Hilary (YUK !!) does not pardon him sooner. He'll also likely be well off then too since many will want to "hear" his side of things. Think books and movies...

How bout 40 at "GITMO" with his fellow tailiban...or some other equally pleasant military prison breaking rocks....

I think Johnny got a sweetheart deal here. Makes me wonder what he is giving back in info

07-15-02, 04:21 PM

Justice, Hell, Get cought selling a lb of Pot and you get 20 years.

Justice, we've lost the concept!


07-15-02, 04:24 PM
my college history professor...
treason is still legally punishable and a hanging is sufficient remedy!
Wouldn't mind learning how to tie the perfect knot for this a$$hole!

07-15-02, 06:06 PM
If we can't kill him, we should send his butt back to the middle east. Maybe we will have the opportunity to kill him in a future conflict. It's like playing Russian Roulette. May miss the bullet this time, but there is a round in the cylinder somewhere. He can catch it over there!!! And when he does, we should not allow his remains to be transported back into the U.S. He is a traitor and should be punished as one!!


07-15-02, 06:42 PM
Just a side point. While Jihad Johnny was still in the hands US Marines there was a small report, and I only say this once on the 'ticker' at the bottom of the screen for Fox News, that the Marines had been unkind to their captive. I forget the exact word used, but it made me think... Yeah, bunch of Marines standing around, here's this 21 year old American kid sitting here with a wounded leg who just tried to kill them and succeeded in killing a fellow Marine and CIA agent. I could almost see the Marines.. "Hey Johnny.. does it hurt when I step on your leg?" or.. "See.. I told you the butt of the rifle wouldn't break across his head, you owe me $20.00!" If they could have seen this coming, I'd imagine that he might have escaped and ran for it... only to be stopped by a Marine sniper, 1,000 meters out.

Well, if they aren't going to take his life for being a traitor, the least they can do is take away his citizenship and deport him as soon as he is out of prison. I'm a correctional officer for this state, we have a bed space in Guam. They send us an undesirable and we send them an undesirable. Perhaps the US Government has a similar program with China or Russia. One can only hope.

07-15-02, 07:44 PM
Ah such is Liberal America..Wonder if there are Patroits in Prison?? ;)

07-15-02, 08:11 PM
Little Johnny "Bin" Walker is gonna get his when he gets to prison! He should have been tried as an enemy combattant.............Too dam many liberals around.........!

07-15-02, 09:59 PM
Your DmaN straight !!!!

And a lot of times (I hope this is one), you find MORE justice in prison than in the courts !!!!!

This is my opinion, and I served so I could have it. This IS NOT THE opinion of this web sight, or it's sponsor's.

**THERE, hope that covers everbodys six**

Chld molesters and the like generaly get their just rewards in jail (as I have heard, no personal experience), as did Jeffery Dalmer.

I bid 1 carton of Kool filter kings to the justice department, of whatever prison he winds up in !!!!

07-15-02, 11:03 PM
Take a look at my editoral that is posted as slimeball john walker lindh. What I want to know is how much money did the Feds make off of his parents? As the saying goes for Pace Picante sauce Get the Rope is how I feel. What does the Feds expect a low life private in the taliban to give up on info that would be so important, as to give him a measly 20years for treason when the Constitutions say that Treason is PUNISHABLE BY DEATH. WTF IS UP W/OUR GOV'T?

07-15-02, 11:58 PM
Don't ya think it's kind of ironic that a brainwashed Jihad fighter for a cause that would make drinking alcohol a crime would be named after a brand of scotch? I just can't get over that...no wonder Johnny Walker changed his name. That's going to be a long long long 20 years since they can't let him out with other inmates ever. And it's going to be an even longer rest-of-his-life after he gets out. I kinda think he'll be remembered for this. Hanging would be much easier on him. It must be humiliating to be his family. That a$$ better appreciate his saintly parents; with the exception of the people he killed, THEY made the biggest sacrifice of all.:mad: I'll bet they have a PO box and caller ID these days...

07-16-02, 07:00 AM
I viewed a couple of interviews with Capt Spann's parents, in the past couple months. Capt Spann was about THE perfect Marine. He was the Marine that WE all tried to be, and did to the best of our indivdidual abilities. Listening to his parents talk of his love for the Corps, his complete dedication to his profession, makes me want to go back in and try again.
Then, our gracious justice department, unwilling to understand that this Captain of Marines, and his complete dedication to his profession, one of the first in Afghanistan, was just another number - a casualty. So, they plea bargain with the traitor, and give him a sweetheart deal in exchange for information. Because, the information they are getting from GITMO isnt reliable, and valid or sound, so they had to do something.
Walker-Lindh tells all. Bet it's as useless as tits on a boar hog.

Meanwhile, Our CORPS loses damm good Marines because political figures cant make sense of what the other hand is doing.
I smell a bad batch of s*#t here, and it smells like the one about 35 years ago.

Semper FI


07-16-02, 09:47 PM
Originally posted by gylancaster
Take a look at my editoral that is posted as slimeball john walker lindh. What I want to know is how much money did the Feds make off of his parents? As the saying goes for Pace Picante sauce Get the Rope is how I feel. What does the Feds expect a low life private in the taliban to give up on info that would be so important, as to give him a measly 20years for treason when the Constitutions say that Treason is PUNISHABLE BY DEATH. WTF IS UP W/OUR GOV'T?
All politics and Bull$h!t ! ooppppsss -fergot they were the same damn thing! Gov't thinks they can git info from this dirtbag--hell how in the*^%$ can ya believe a traitor? scum suckin' raghead, f*$#im GET THE DAMN ROPE!!!

07-16-02, 11:31 PM
That this scum suckin piece o $hit, winds up in his new home, in the same cell with a 6' 11" splib by da name o "Big Bubba" who just lost his previous B!tch to the electric chair and wants to adopt lil Johnny as his new one............Johnny, you bend over and touch yer toes, and Bubba will show your whur the Wild Goose Goes !!!!! Twenty years o that should turn him into a real believer of the Justice System or Lack of....and a SOPRANO !!

07-17-02, 05:02 AM
Don't worry bro's - this piece of crap (even tho going to somewhere 'near' his parents) to serve his time - will get his.
Karma has an amazing way of coming back around.
Besides, I worked at Jackson prison in Michigan here for 5 years, the 6'11 450 lb bubba you talk about is reality.

Semper FI