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06-20-02, 09:32 AM
I have learned of Stacey's passing. He was a wonderful man. He worked for AMVETS in Seattle.

On Father's Day,This past weekend, Stacey Young and his 5-year old son, Stacey Jr., were
playing near a waterfall at Mount St. Helens when Stacey Jr. fell into
the river.

Stacey attempted to save his son but both went over the edge, falling
about 80 feet.
The canyon is now closed
indefinitely for a safety review.

11-03-07, 12:50 AM
hi, i'm stacey's widow and i wanted to thank you for adding him to your post. I only wonder how you found out about my horrible lost. Also thank you for remembering them. they were the most wonderful part of my life. Prayers, jen