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03-02-07, 11:53 PM
I don't know of any mother more proud than the mother of a Marine! My son, SSGT Dean J. Beardslee is a career Marine, seving with the 3/6 in Iraq. Though my fear is real every day, I pray for God's speed and a safe return. I wrote this poem in honor of my son and every son or daughter who wears the "Dress Blues."

My Marine

My little baby boy,
Blond with eyes of blue.
Held close within my arms,
My son, I love you.

So many memories
Throughout the years,
Years filled with happy times
And sometimes filled with tears.

Dandelions in chubby hands,
Filled a water glass.
Then heís in a fishing boat
Trying to get that big bass.

How quickly those years passed,
More quickly then we knew.
Soon the little boy was grown,
Now a man with eyes of blue.

Graduation and college bound,
Too big for Mamaís knee.
So many times Iíve wished
That little boy, again heíd be.

He is a man of pride,
A husband and a father.
Standing straight and tall,
A man of strength and honor.

I look with pride upon the man
My son has grown into.
Now he wears a uniform
And the colors of "dress blue."

The colors that he wears
Tell the story well.
He fights for our freedom
As he gives the Marine Corps yell.

The fierceness of a "Devil Dog,"
And the courage of a bear.
Donít raise a hand against our flag!
Donít you ever dare!

He puts his life upon the line
For you and I each day.
He is a man of iron,
Not one with feet of clay.

Heíll walk through the fire
And wade through the flood
And make a sacrifice for you
Even with his own blood.

He leaves behind his family,
Wife and children dear,
Mother, sisters and brother
And fights without fear.

He fights for right and freedom
And proudly bears our flag
As he goes into the battle
With feet that never drag.

He proudly wears the colors
Of khaki and desert green,
My son, one of the few and proud,
My son, United States Marine!

March 1, 2007
By Ruth E. Beardslee
In honor of my son, SSGT Dean J. Beardslee, USMC

SEMPER FI and OOH-RAH from this Marine Mom

03-03-07, 12:26 AM
Thank you Ma'am for sharing this poem. If you dont mind I would like to share it with my pups that will some day take the torch from your son and run with it for our Corps. I will be posting it to the Todays Moto thread. May God bless and watch over your son and his Marines and bring them all home safe and sound with their mission accomplished.

Semper Fi


03-03-07, 12:40 AM
good stuff thanks for sharing yea

03-03-07, 02:46 AM
Thanks Ma'am :)

03-03-07, 06:50 AM
Please feel free to share this with your pups. I think it speaks for all Marine Moms, as we watch with pride and sometimes awe at the men our sons become, thanks to the Corps. God bless the USA and all our brave Marines who defend our freedoms!

Semper Fi


03-03-07, 07:07 AM
Thanks Mom
(hope you don't mind me calling you MOM)

Took a few minutes for the eyes to stop sweating,
now I can type again.

My EAS was from 3/6 at LeJeune, in '79
So I still hold that number close to my heart
Recalling some of the tales MY mom tells at times
and then reading your poem, just verifies that you (all MOMs)
serve a special way, also.
A reader call tell where the words come from
much like a Marines "OH-Rah"
Not from the gut, where the sound is made

But from the heart, where it lives.

Please pass my (our) Semper Fi's on to the Staff Seargent
And thanks again, for the tears.

03-03-07, 07:32 AM
Dear mrbsox,

I don't mind you calling me Mom at all. I learned early on, at my son's graduation from boot camp (MCRD/San Diego) in '95, that being a Marine Mom, is being a "Marine Mom" to all Marines. I wear the title proudly! How could I do any less, when you all bravely leave home and family to keep our country free and our flag waving in "Liberty's" wind. Thank you, "son" for you service to our great country!

Semper Fi :usmc:

Marine Mom Ruthie