View Full Version : WW I Oregon Vet dies at 108

Andrew Peters
02-24-07, 12:30 AM
On Feb. 22, 2007, an Army WW I vet died in his sleep in Portland, Oregon, at 108 years old. He was one of fewer than 50 WW I vets left in the United States. I believe he is the fellow vet that I saw at the 2006 Milwaukie High School Veterans Day annual celebration given to honor all us veterans. We shook hands and he proudly said, "I'm 107! I'll see you all next year." Sadly he won't make the 2007 Veteran's Day at Milwaukie High School, but HE WILL BE REMEMBERED THERE!! A farewll salute to an Army WW I veteran from a Marine.
Salute- Andrew (USMC 1956-1959 vet.)