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02-21-07, 11:25 AM
Letter: Time to back those who serve

Published: Feb 21, 2007

There is a scene in one of the Rocky movies in which Adrienne has fallen into a coma.

Before her illness, Rocky has been training poorly, distracted by his wife’s conviction that it is too dangerous for him to continue boxing. He has lost his edge.

President Bush has asked Congress and the country to give his Iraq plan a chance. He reminded members of Congress that they authorized the war by their vote, acting on the same good-faith information his administration — and several other countries — considered in deciding to enter Iraq.

Whatever their opinion now, the president said, “You did not vote for failure.” And whatever fight we thought we were entering, “This is the fight we are in.”

We Americans must decide if disagreement about strategy is sufficient cause to break faith with our soldiers and Marines, who have shed blood for a cause we told them we believed in.

On a world scale, our actions will determine whether America’s word will ever be trusted again.

Some members of Congress believe their desire to punish the Bush administration justifies betrayal of those who have bet their lives on United States policy. The personal animus they hold for the president has so distorted their judgment they are willing to hold any position that could wound the Bush presidency, even if it also delivers a mortal blow to their country. Others are simply too fearful to give victory a chance and demonstrate a profound lack of courage.

While our boys march on, gutless politicians make whimpering sounds of surrender. But American resolve does not start and end with Washington. It does not start and end with pampered Hollywood actors, whose pretense of concern for the troops is so phony a child could see through it. American resolve starts and ends with the American people.

In the Rocky movie, Adrienne wakes up and realizes she has been a detriment to her husband. She realizes it is her lack of support —not the boxing itself — which may destroy him.

When Rocky asks his wife if there is anything she needs from him, she answers firmly: “Win.”

Those who have paid the ultimate price in Iraq rest quietly in the Earth, awaiting their vindication. Those who still fight wait to hear from us.

It is time for every member of the United States Congress and every American to provide those who serve with the support they have earned: “Win.”

Leslie Alexander can be reached at caralesliealexander@yahoo.com. To send a message of support to a soldier or Marine, visit www.anysoldier.com.

Leslie Alexander
community activist