View Full Version : Ending cellphone contracts for boot

02-15-07, 01:15 AM
When I leave for boot I want to cancel my cellphone service but the contact isn't over for a while longer on my line. I have a family share plan but I want to cancel my line.

So with that background.... I thought I heard when becoming active that they would be required to end the contract without penalty. Is this true?

02-15-07, 05:49 AM
Hows it goin DEP'er.... I really didnt cancel my plan at all. But i will say dont take your cellphone to boot with you. Mine got stolen from supply as well as my civilian T-shirt. I left the Island in uniform..... it sucked.

02-15-07, 06:31 AM
You can cancel it with no fees because you are reporting for millitary service. Thats what i did and got a free new phone when i signed back up. Normally had to pay 100 bucks.

02-15-07, 11:12 AM
Search for 'Soldiers and Sailors relief act.' I believe your contract will be put on hold for your stay at bootcamp, if not terminated. A recruiter will know this to a T. I used it to get out of my apartment lease upon enlistment. I just googled it printed it off and showed it to my landlord. He didnt even put up a fight.