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02-06-07, 02:59 PM
The Left's War Against the Military At Home <br />
By Rocco DiPippo <br />
FrontPageMagazine.com <br />
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The latest attack on the U.S. by its Fifth Column enemies is aimed at stopping the Armed Forces from enlisting...

02-06-07, 03:54 PM
If these groups reach and convince sub standard recruits maybe the services will be made up of more qualified personel.
Many of the veterans who make up those anti-recruitment forces are "disgruntled and disillusioned veterans". Perhaps the world would be a better place if those guys had never enlisted.

I would rather not share a mission with reluctant troops.

Numbers might suffer, but the resolve and willingness of those who do enlist in the face of such protest could be more reliable.

A way to do our part is for us to be hard working stadn up citizens; proud, gung ho, and successful. Young men and women can be more impressed by an older Marine in their community than a bunch of fly by night activists in some liberal state.