View Full Version : Good Friday Morning , Hard Chargers.

07-12-02, 07:52 AM
Just a hello to start the last day of the week, T G I F

It was in the fifties this morning in the Delaware Valley.

Looks to be a beautiful Day.

Tude is feeling good and sends prayers and good thoughts to everyone.

May we all enjoy our week-end , play safe , don't drink &Drive.

God Bless All

07-12-02, 08:16 AM


Yes it is a Beautiful day in the Delaware Valley........

The Weather here is a great start for the weekend.....only in the mid 80's......can't ask for much more.........

Oh yes......TGIF..........
Be Safe.....and Have Fun........




07-12-02, 08:41 AM
Having my second cup of coffee no distractions this morning, don't have to take anyone anywhere.

Already watered the lawn, one of this days Ill put in a sprinkler system but I enjoy watering it, early before the world awakes.

The weather is soft, gray clouds over head, morning breeze flowing through my office and birds are busy singing and chasing each other as the contend for the bird seeds and crumbs of bread I threw out for them.

Across a few miles away in Orange County Laura is sleeping. She's probably snoring, while she sleeps wrapped in her 60's flowered colored flannel pajamas from J.C. Penny's, farts and dreams of handsome Marines.