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02-02-07, 08:58 AM
Just recently the Malaysian Government decided to award a Medal (Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal) to Commonwealth units who assisted Malaysia during the Armed conflict with Indonesia 1962/1966.

The citation that goes with the medal Reads

In appreciation of the Meritorious acts of supreme sacrifices made by the security Forces and Civilian staff from Britain,Australia,New Zealand,Fiji and Nepal.The supreme head of the Federation of Malaysia wishes to award Medals to all those who distinguished themselves in Chivalry Gallantry,and Loyalty while performing their services.
The Medal takes the form of an award titled 'Pingat Jasa Malaysia' (Service to Malaysia Award).

The object of this little rant? after 41 years the medal arrived very well presented boxed and with citation,made an old Bootneck very happy.
The good old Brit Government did'nt go to all that expense,any medal awarded was usualy slung across the desk of the Company office with the kind words win em and wear em.Aye James R.

02-02-07, 11:02 AM
Congratulations Marine!

That is a worth while birthday present..