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07-11-02, 05:48 PM
Ah yes, I remember it vividly, it was 25 Apr 1945, just got off the train in Yemassee and was greeted by the most considerate Drill Instructor I have ever seen. He was polite, Kindly, and spoke with a soft and demure voice, to a snotty nosed know it all 17 year old kid. Now then if u believe that, let me rent you a seaside villa in Nebraska. Seriously tho, it is good to see that someone is trying to preserve another small portion of Marine Corps history. I am originally from Columbia, SC so the train ride for me was not to long. but my life in the Corps has been since that day. If anyone knows where an old worn out Marine can send a dollar or two to help with this project. Please advise me at Gunnya@SgtGrit. com Semper Fi

07-13-02, 12:17 PM
good friend of mine got to P.I. thru Yemasse, musta been a real sinkin' feelin', totally isolated. felt apprensive enough goin' thru the gate.
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07-13-02, 07:04 PM
Been there done that. @2300 hrs. off the train 10 Oct 54. Met a 5 foot tall Cpl. He was very pleasant. He had us play flood, Fire drill and many othe things all night. Upon awakening the next morning after breakfast. It was off to the best haircut I have ever had. HaHa. Sgt. R west 54-58 Robertfxwest

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