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02-06-03, 08:04 PM
I'm here to ask the experts.
My son, Bless him, has just departed for Kuwait. I have always written to him or sent him parcels about once (sometimes more) every 10 days since Parris Island, MCRD. Now that he has left for Foreign Soil I would like to send him, what has gratiously been called "Care Packages". I view myself as being a practical shopper, consumer,whatever and would like to send him and his squad something that they could use. Foodstuffs? Would Jerky be good? What is good for that climate? What will survive "snail mail"? When he has to hump, what is good to bring along?Something citrus? ( I know I always brought lemons with me when I hiked ,as well as, Malt tablets or honey candies.) I'm also thinking mail weight. I haven't won the lottery yet so I've got to keep it simple. As always, the help and comments to any post(s) that I have submitted is always followed by a thank you. Thank you.
I've heard that 81mm Mortarmen have interesting outlooks on life. Is this so?
Thanks again.

02-06-03, 08:42 PM

It's been years, but YES, 81mm's have interesting outlooks.. :D

Personal thoughts on care packages:

Stay away from "DRY" stuff like jerky. Yeah, it's good, but make you thirsty. Lifesavers, hardcandies... small, tasty, a hit with the gun team/ section.

Deck of cards from time to time (they get wore out), cribbage board (small, light), paperbacks.

May Gods Peace be with you while he is gone, and Gods speed with him, till you get him back. Prayers are out to all in Harms way.

75' to '79

02-06-03, 08:55 PM
Sox's has it about right.

Anything that would not make him crave addtional water. Sour candies help also. They get the saliva glands workin in the mouth and help.

Nice touch at the end too SOX's.

Your a Wonderful Mom. Bless you and your Family during your son's deployment. Something that is always good to send is mail. A lot of it. Mail not only from you but from other family members and friends. There are only a few known cures from HomeSickNess and one of them is "MAIL".

Your now officially on my prayer list.


02-06-03, 09:15 PM
It is hard to say what to send, mrbsox and JAMarine gave you some good ideas. Is there anything special he likes but cannot get........You know him better than anybody else.......Knowing that you care about him means more than a truck load of care packages.

He will be in our thoughts and prayers until his safe return home.
God Bless and God Speed..........We are thankful that we have Marines like your son to carry on the Torch of Freedom that we have passed onto him.



02-06-03, 09:43 PM
While you are sending special things to him, ask him to return his take on the war. The thoughts, the down time, the training, the gut feeling---then give him and us those cartoons that tell it all.

We can all use the humor. I enjoy your work.

May God surround your son with His source strenght.

02-06-03, 10:22 PM
I will pass on all of your well wishes to the young man ASAP. Probably saturday. I will also use your suggestions. I mentioned jerky because that's what I used to bring along with me in the Sierra Nevadas. You are right about the thirst factor with jerky. Maybe I'll just eat it myself (I could use a salt buzz) I offered to make return address labels with the 2/8 logo on them for all those in his Platoon or Squad that would request them. He should be arriving about a couple of weeks before the rest of the folks. I have a funny feeling that my mail will follow his Company and not him. This leads me in to a cartoon that I just created about snail mail. Thanks again, one and all.

02-07-03, 05:22 AM

Like squrit guns,nerf footballs,paddle balls.

Marines Train Hard and like to play hard.
Just a few things they may like,waiting is very hard,and a little fun with toys helps the time pass.

Your son and all the people who may have to fight this evil bast**d be safe and my thoughts will be with them all,and there families. May God Speed.

02-07-03, 05:40 AM
Our son is in Kuwait as well. He left a list of suggested items for our care packages.

cookies (several types)
gatorade powder ( maybe koolaide depending on your son's tastes)
toilet paper (yes he is provided some, but often it is in short supply and frequently feels like sand paper; in fact in Nam we had to use our towels at one time because the supply ran out)
foot powder
and of course snack foods to taste ( our son asked for salsa and tostidos, honey roasted peanuts, trail mix and jolly ranchers)

Our prayers and wishes are for your son and all the others over there and their families.

Semper Fi

02-07-03, 07:31 AM
What to send?

I remember from my time in Kuwait and Saudi that Baby wipes came in real handy as we chased them out of Kuwait. I didn't know they could run so fast! The baby wipes or handi-towels almost made you feel human after being in the desert for so long.


02-07-03, 01:51 PM
Another thought...

Mom used to send me stuff, home cooked goodies, in PAINT CANS. Solid, pack well, tough to get crushed in the mail, air tight. Might work OK for the tostitidos, so they DON'T turn back into cornmeal :D

Gatoraid powder sounds good, in that climate. Anything to add taste to the water. Nerf stuff can pack away SMALL and light too, another good one. Small, travel size, magnetic board games, in zip lock bags comes to mind also.

Post an address, and we'll write him some also. :marine:


02-07-03, 07:45 PM
asprin is good, it actually helps relieve those heat headaches. tobbacco (hard to get the good stuff) if he smokes or chews.
condiments, those little packages of mustard ketchup and stuff you get at fast food places my dad sent me a bucketful and that stuff was like candy! the wipes are a verry good idea helps keep you feeling like a human, and smelling like one too. maybe a small bottle of J.D. black stuck in some popcorn or a book so it won't get broken.
Lots of letters from you, that is very important, the feeling of isolation from family is like a pillow over your face.
may your son be safe as he goes into harms way. and he will i was with the 8th marines the last time in very good and well trained battallion.

02-07-03, 07:47 PM
on the mail thing he can write a letter on a mre box and it will be delivered to you

02-07-03, 08:57 PM
Sir, this may sound funny as all hell, but send at least one roll of toilet paper in the care pack - makes life a little more bareable. Baby wipes are good for general hygiene. A good paperback is nice, we used to swap out books when we were done with them. Gatoraid or favor mix of some sort is good. I personally Loved beef jerky while out there. Maybe some small "bored" games, something that doesn't rattle too much. Batteries are nice to have for a walkman or flashlights. Those are some practical items that come to mind. God bless you and your son. Stay strong. Semper Fi. Cpl D A Shearer 0341 Mortarman

02-12-03, 10:21 AM
My husband is currently in Kuwait and I have sent him 3 packages so far. Make sure you call 1-800-ASK-USPS and see if there are any restrictions on what you can send. For example, they told me I'm not supposed to send pork products! I usually send hard candies, peanuts, tobacco, sports magazines, and pictures...send pictures to your Marine--they really like to be reminded of home!Thanks

02-12-03, 10:40 AM
Ladies, Gentlemen, Marines,
I have taken a little bit of all your suggestions. When my son receives his package it will contain not only goodies and reading material but copies of all your well wishes to him. Then he will have to sift through everything to figure what he wants and what he wishes to share. I believe that I sent enough to be shared by his squad. The next package will contain some odds and ends,letters and such, within two frizzbees, taped and sealed together. How's that for an idea? Any additional suggestions would be, as always, appreciated. Oh, by the way, I asked him to kind of keep a log of what's going on. Nothing classified but info. that can be passed on to you folks. Adios from South Florida.
Thanks again.