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01-14-07, 09:05 PM
I just won my squadron's meritorious sgt board!!

A little history:

-joined Nov 2002
-joined the 10% Sept 2003
-recieved 3 njp 9 pg 11's Sept-Dec 2003
-born again hard jan 2004
-promoted to PFC June 2004
-promoted LCpl Feb 2005
-promoted Cpl (Meritoriously) June 2006
-to be promoted Sgt (Meritoriously) Feb 2007

I wanted to share this with you all to maybe respark and/or sustain motivation and show there is still hope for even the 10%. Stay faithful and never leave a Marine behind (not just on the battlefield).

01-14-07, 09:31 PM
Congratulations on your upcoming promotion Marine! Glad you got your $hit together and decided to be a leader of Marines, you would make Chesty proud. OORAH!!!

Semper Fi


01-14-07, 09:39 PM

I almost joined the 10% (attitude)


Remember there is always pizza http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fsb/fsb_archive/2003/09/01/350799/

01-14-07, 10:14 PM
You must be one bu tt kissin mofo!

Just kidding! Congrats!

01-14-07, 10:21 PM
Come spend a day around me!! At the end of that day, ask that same question!!
Rank isnt given its earned Killer!!

01-14-07, 10:22 PM
You did read the "Just kidding" part...did you?

01-14-07, 10:24 PM

i just saw it. thank you!!

01-14-07, 10:29 PM
No problem. Once again..Congrats!

01-14-07, 10:35 PM

I'll buy you a beer if you're ever in Jacksonville, for me being such a prick. ;)


01-14-07, 10:36 PM

01-14-07, 10:41 PM
Hey you two, don't forget to have that beer over a Marine pizza (Dominoes)

01-14-07, 10:43 PM
LOL :beer:

01-14-07, 11:02 PM
Congratulations Marine!

"Just because we're holding hands doesn't mean we'll be taking warm showers together until the wee hours of the morning." :banana:

01-14-07, 11:04 PM
Thank you!

01-15-07, 09:38 AM
Congratulation Devil Dog!

I love to see an out of step Marine get in step, and go up the rank structure instead of down.

01-15-07, 10:12 AM
Hooray! Congratulations, Sgt! Now fix my computer. ;)

Sgt gw

01-15-07, 10:35 AM
Congrats! :thumbup:

01-15-07, 02:07 PM
Congratulations Marine!


01-15-07, 03:22 PM
A Reverse 10 %

In L-4-11 Pendleton 1961 we had this Marine that had a 5.0 5.0 out of boot camp. When I got into the outfit he was a private on a 105MM. He was a character, everyone knew about his con & pro marks out of boot camp, now he was a sh*t bird.

One day me and him got into it and we had it out behind the barracks. Yikes, I didn't know he was Golden Gloves St. Louis. Lucky he broke has hand on my hard head or it could of been worse. I did pick him up and throw him down an a embankment before they broke it up. We were good friends after that.

His wife came from home to live with him and for awhile he straightened out and he got promoted up to L/Cpl no trouble. Then he came in one day all black and blue, scuttlebutt had it that he caught his wife and got his ass whipped.

Back to private again, I don't remember what he did.

We had a beer bust one Saturday and and I knew it was going to be a ****** blood bath and took a pass. I was right, when the battery returned even the gunny's "T" shirt was full of blood. My friend the boxer had good teeth and a handsome smile , but one of the guys had it in for him and sucker punched him and knocked out his two front teeth. Then it was clique against clique.

The next day Sunday when I got up to go to the mess hall, the duty had locked all the doors as the guy that knocked the teeth out was outside trying to get in and he had an ET and wanted to go after the boxer. That individual was never the same (mentally) after the shellacking he got for knocking out the boxers teeth.

The Old Corps, LMAO

The Good Old Days "Lima Battery 61-62" The Craziest SOB's I Have Ever known !

SF Shelton & Scroggins, I will never forget you guys


01-15-07, 06:37 PM
thank you 1stsgt