View Full Version : Local Marines, Seamen, and Soldiers Will Say No To Bush Troop Escalation

01-12-07, 07:38 PM
Local Marines, Seamen, and Soldiers Will Say No To Bush Troop Escalation

Jan 12, 2007 05:58 PM

NORFOLK , VA —Active-Duty members of the military will hold a press conference calling for an end to the U.S. occupation of Iraq on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Rather than escalating troop levels, the “Appeal for Redress” calls on Congress to put an end to the war and to bring the troops home.

Over 1,000 signatures of mainly active duty members of the military have been gathered. Many of the signatories have served in Iraq . The troops and their supporters will present a statement to the media about the necessity of “Bringing the Troops Home Now & Taking Care of Them Once They Get Here.”

They will be joined by representatives from Iraq Vets Against the War, Military Families Speak Out, Veterans for Peace, GI Rights Hotline and the Military Project.

“With recent calls for an escalation of troops in Iraq , Congress should listen to those of us who have been there and who will be directly affected by this policy change,” said Seaman Jonathan Hutto, co-founder www.appealforredress.org .

“On Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday we are reminded that determined individuals can affect the outcome of our nation.” On Tuesday, the active-duty troops and their supporters will present their “Appeals for Redress” to supportive Congressional members, including Rep. Dennis Kucinich, on Capitol Hill in Washington .

Under the Military Whistle-Blower Protection Act (DOD directive 7050.6), active-duty military, National Guard and Reservists can file and send a protected communication to a Member of Congress, while out of uniform and off-duty, regarding any subject without reprisal.

WHO:Over 50 Active-Duty Troops and supporting organizations

WHAT:Press Conference with media Q & A

WHEN:Monday, January 15 th , at 11:00 a.m. EDT

WHERE:Unitarian Universalist Church of Norfolk

739 Yarmouth St. , Norfolk , VA 23510