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02-04-03, 10:48 AM
Staff Sgt. Charles F. Wolf, Graphics Instructor, Defense Information School, shares his office space with several SEMPERTOON caracitures. Over a period of a few years Wolf has developed his...

02-04-03, 10:54 AM
But one day around Christmas 1996, they sold more calendars than Amy could have ever imagined at the time.

"I came back to the exchange and saw this crowd of people around something and I said 'it must be a sale' so I wanted to get in on it, too," she said. "When I got there, I saw it was Charles, I couldn't believe it. He was signing, selling and bagging all at once. I jumped in to help."

After that, Amy realized this was going to go further than she anticipated, so she started calling suppliers to avoid paying retail prices for their resources.

Now, they market mouse pads, calendars, matted prints, and Wolf even sits for print and calendar signing sessions. Most recently, he completed his first book, "Welcome To The Real World, Devildog," which will soon be available for sale.

Wolf has taken his creativity and exposed it for the entire Marine Corps and world to see.

"As a Marine you're always trying to convey certain situations and moments to family members, and it's sometimes hard to do without a visual aid," he said. "So that's the most magical thing for me now, is that I get to bring those moments home for so many Marine families."

In an article published in "Marines" February 1996, Wolf made a statement that encapsulates his whole motivation.

"Marines spend their whole lives surrounded by stories and adventures. I key in on that fact and put them into my cartoons," said Wolf. "I think it makes Marines feel better when they have a cartoon to go with their story, or their particular adventure."





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