View Full Version : Love In The Corps

01-29-03, 12:33 PM


I hear what you say,
I see what you do.
Yet after all of this,
I still don't believe you are true.

You've told me how you feel,
Time and time again.
And no matter how hard you try,
These words just won't win.

You see, I don't think you understand,
My heart has been broken before.
And no matter what you do or say,
I refuse to let love come through my door.

Too many times has
My heart felt love's pain.
I've tried and tried,
But that pain won't leave my brain.

We make love,
Time and time again.
And each time we do,
I know your love is all mine.

I look in your beautiful, blue eyes,
And I see pure love.
I love your skin,
Pure and white as a dove.

You asked for my hand,
And my heart took flight.
As we lie now in your bed,
It runs through my head all night.

I will spend the rest of my life,
In your loving arms.
And I promise you,
I will never let you meet harm.

And when we,
Are dead and gone,
We will still know,
We are together, not alone.