View Full Version : Fellow US marines secure Smith at Makati jail

12-20-06, 06:22 AM
Fellow US marines secure Smith at Makati jail

The US embassy has sent three US marines to secure Lance Corporal Daniel Smith who is serving time at the Makati City Jail for the rape of a Filipina, DZMM reported Wednesday.

Superintendent Delvic Oreiro, Makati City Jail warden, said the three US marines take turns in guarding Smith. He said two soldiers guard Smith during the day and one soldier at night time.

Oreiro said one of the soldiers even gave Smith an MP3 player.

The DZMM report said Oreiro is planning to invite Smith to the Makati City Jail inmates' Christmas party and render a special number.

The warden said Smith has asked that he be allowed to jog and exercise at the jail compound's basketball court regularly.

Smith is serving a 40-year sentence after a Makati judge found him guilty of raping a Filipina last year.

The US embassy, however, protested the judge's decision to put Smith under Philippine custody. It said the decision violates a provision of the Visiting Forces Agreement that grants custody to US authorities of any US military personnel accused of violating Philippine laws until the completion of all legal proceedings.

The Court of Appeals has postponed its decision on Smith's petition for transfer of custody.