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12-13-06, 01:15 PM
Hello everybody

My name is Paul VANNIER, i'm a french student who is living in France (paris).
I'm 18 years old and i want (since 5 years) to serve into the USMC corps.
So, i have gone to San Francisco and i have met a Marine's recruter and he told me that i need a green card in order to join the marines (a green card? There is no strangers in USMC? No Canadians? No Mexicans?..).
After that i call the US Ambassy in paris to know more about my situation for joining the corps. They told me that i can't go to the UMCS corps without green card and they can't give me a green card only to serve the Marines...
I'm very sad about this, but it's realy over? Just because i'm french is that not possible?
Please, give me some other solution...reserve? Another us military corps?...
I'm looking for everything which can help me, thanks you.

Paul :usmc: (semper fidelis)