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12-07-06, 11:45 PM
I know I haven't been coming on here for a few months now and I apologize. Just to update you all on what has been going I will start off with I might be going to Japan at the beginnig of the year, well not reall going there but getting stationed there. You see when you are in love you have to follow your heart, right? I fell in love with this guy named Jared and he is 23. He's an MP and re-elisted two days ago. (I didn't get to make it to his re-enlistment because I had to take care of some things for the Commanding General of 4th MAW. Told you guys I have been really busy. :bunny: So anyway, he is getting stationed in Japan and since I am currently working on my active duty packet we thought that it would be good if I requested to get stationed out there with him. Or near him. Since no one ever really requests to get stationed there I thought that I have a pretty good chance of getting my choice of station. Cross your fingers. What else, I've been to the range since I last came on here, got Marksman again but it didn't bother me too much. I had a great time!!! Umm, the ball was a blast and well, we'll leave it at that. I escorted the cake. Hmmm, I think that is pretyt much it besides working long hours lately... 0600- 1900, all work no play. I will try to get on here more often and I truly have missed all of you!! Happy Holidays!!

12-08-06, 12:10 AM
Hope you get your request for transfer. Good luck and have a great future.

Semper Fi.

12-08-06, 12:13 AM
OOOH CHIT, she's back! lol---Just kidding Jen. Good to hear from you. Sorry however to hear about you shooting a pizza box at the range. You might want to spend more time at the range and get the most important skill of a Marine down to perfection.
Why is it that females always have a love story to tell???
Good luck on going to the land of the nippers. If it's mainland and not Oki it will be nice.

Semper Fi

sgt tony
12-08-06, 12:15 AM
Best of luck to you on your request. Have a great Christmas and a Wonderful New Year

12-08-06, 12:47 AM
Jen you have been on the UA list in excess of 30 days you do remember what that means dont you lol?


12-08-06, 06:55 AM

Zulu 36
12-08-06, 07:27 AM
In love with a cop? Be careful with dem guys. I know, I wuz one. :marine:

Good luck. I loved Japan. Get out into the countryside and away from any liberty towns. Learn some basic Japanese language and customs, and you'll love the place too. They are very tolerant of Americans who are trying to follow their customs and speak their language. They appreciate the effort and will happily help you even if you butcher the pronunciations.

If you get out and about, also expect Japanese students to try and engage you in English conversations. They need to practice as English is a required language in schools there and they grab at any proficient English speaker.

Yes, even Marines are considered "proficient" in English in Japan. I told you they were very tolerant. :D

12-08-06, 08:43 AM
Hi Jen
Go 4 it!!

12-08-06, 12:00 PM
Good to hear from you again!!! Best of luck on getting orders to Japan. I spent a year there and had a great time. As stated, try to pick up some of the lingo as the Japanese that I met were very friendly, and they will definitely appreciate the fact that you are learning their language.

12-08-06, 01:52 PM
Hey Jen,

Good luck to you.

12-08-06, 02:01 PM
I knew it seemed quiet around here. ;)

Glad to hear you met a good guy. My grandad was an MP back in the day in Marine Corps. So, they can't be all bad. Heh.

Good luck getting stationed where you requested. Long distance relationships are tough, I can't imagine how it would be for a couple of Marines.

Ah, the joys of young love. My brother in law got married about seven months ago. He's 23. But, he's in the Air Force, so ya know...lol.

Good to see ya!

12-08-06, 02:36 PM
(I didn't get to make it to his re-enlistment because I had to take care of some things for the Commanding General of 4th MAW.)
A likely story. LMAO
Nice to hear from you and your escapades again.
Have the best of holiday's and remember that when you go to a Japanese restaurant and the hostess brings out a bowl of hot clear water and a clean towel don't say, "Mame, I didn't order soup" like I did. Bad mojo! :)
Adios, from South Florida and best of luck in both your personal life and your Marine Corps career.

12-08-06, 03:37 PM
Thank you all for the encouraging words. :) I just returned from MEPS. Spent 7hrs there but I am good to go and ready to go active!! :D I'll be processing for my security clearance on Monday afternoon. Again, nice to be back in here and I'll report back in a few days and let you know how it all went.

12-08-06, 09:18 PM
Sounds great Jen. Good luck with the MP and Japan.