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12-06-06, 10:20 PM
Question. How can someone re-up with a re-4 code but was honorably discharged? I am tired of sitting here and watching my brethren lose their lives and knowing I can fight once again and help. I need...

12-06-06, 10:37 PM
I'm sorry I may not know much about the topic sir, but I think you are over the age limit for the Marines

The US Army will take men up to 40 I think though

someone correct me if I'm wrong.

12-06-06, 11:07 PM
Sunman, thanks for the info. I heard I can reup but I need further info. San Antonio prior service rep was unhelpful. Anyone around from the legal section or JAG? Sunman if you come upon any info for assistance, I'd sincerely appreciate it.

Semper fi,


12-06-06, 11:17 PM
Hey bro, I found some info but it doesn't look good man... <br />
<br />
Military Reenlistment Eligibility (RE) Code <br />
<br />
United States Navy, Marines, &amp; Coast Guard <br />
<br />
<br />
These codes are contained on military...

12-07-06, 07:47 AM
Ronbo72, Contact this guy SSgt. Christopher Douglas
christopher.s.douglas@usmc.mil He might be able to help you out. He is working for me right now. I'm 43 years old and trying to get back in the Corps also. Good luck Brother.
Semper Fi
Mark Schiffer

Sgt Leprechaun
12-07-06, 08:00 AM
I'm 42 as well, with 10 years prior service, Active duty USMC, and trying to get back in as well. This is what I know: Any active duty time will count against your age; in other words, with 10 years prior service, my enlistment age is now 32...which is the cut off. I do not believe the age cut off is waiverable, so unless you have some other way around that issue...you might be out of luck, sad to say.

As far as the RE-4 code, you can PM me with specifics: However, I'll tell you if it was for being passed over for SSgt more than twice, or max service limits, they won't take you back. Not sure what the exact story was, but that RE4 is going to be a bigger issue than the age, in my opinion.

Just my 2cents...and I'll keep everyone up to date on my own Re-up status...