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12-06-06, 09:29 AM
Brothers and Sisters I give you freshly promoted Corporol Joe Syznal. You may remember Joe when he was a Poolee here. He became famous for publishing his daily boot camp happenings on his website www.neocongonemarine.blogspot.com live from MCRDSD and getting caught by our own Drill Instructor Gunny Walker. Congratulations brother and welcome to the ranks of the Marine non commissioned officer.

Semper Fi


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12-06-06, 10:55 AM
I remember him !!!

Congrats and ooorah !

12-07-06, 12:42 AM
Congratulation Corporal! Meritorously even, outstanding. The Corps has made a good investment.

12-07-06, 10:58 AM
Recently from Cpl Syznal's famous NeoCon blog (http://neocongonemarine.blogspot.com/)

There has also been a billet promotion from gunner to vehicle commander. I'll be commanding 'the Deuce' which carries myself along with six other Marines for our next Iraq deployment.
Enjoys these days now, days when you can get a good 8 hours sleep! LMAO :banana:

You'll do fine, Semper Fi

12-08-06, 01:45 AM
Yellowwing and all, thank you much for the congratulations, support and for keeping such a valuable resource that is Leatherneck.com for myself and others in the Corps community to benefit from. I will be around for quite some time contributing what I can.

Thanks again and Best Holiday Wishes!
Semper Fi