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11-30-06, 06:57 PM
Blue Star moms support troops

Just one month after her son left for Iraq, Kimberly Piol of Florence has launched an organization for mothers of service personnel.

The Blue Star Mothers' Northern Kentucky Chapter now has 17 members who are mothers of men and women in the armed forces.

It also has 22 associate members who are supportive of the organization's goals.

The idea for the organization came after her son, Anthony Joseph Piol, 20, left Nov. 6 to serve with the Marines in Iraq.

Her mother suggested they put a blue star flag in the window. The tradition of Blue Star Mothers started in World War I and was continued during World War II.

Rather than make the flag out of fabric, a friend suggested they look into joining the organization, whose nearest chapter was in Lexington, and get an official flag.

Instead, Piol started a chapter here and the group is already busy sending packages to troops in Iraq.

Piol recently moved back to her native Florence after raising her sons in California. Her younger son, Jonathan Piol, leaves on Feb. 2 to serve in Iraq.

The Blue Star Mothers are busy raising funds for postage and collecting items to mail to a troop they adopted. Troops have asked for children's books, crayons, papers and pencils for children they encounter.

"As they meet these kids whose schools have been blown up, they give them whatever they have on them," Piol said.

They're also sending white socks and stocking caps to the troops. If you would like to donate to the Blue Star Mothers, call Piol at 371-8520 or e-mail her at kimberlypiol@hotmail.com.

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