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01-26-03, 08:06 AM
I've been reading articles on the callup of Reservists and the National Guard. My knee-jerk reaction was "quitcher*****in"!

I remember draft-eligibles flocking to Reserve and National Guard units to escape from Vietnam. "Now it's your turn. Gotcha!"

What didn't register on me, was that the draft was over a generation ago.

Yes, it can be said that most of the new enlistees in the Guard/Reserves are motivated by pay and benefits. But, don't we all accept a job for the same reasons?

The downside of the Reservist/Guards job was that in the event of national emergency, they had the training to protect us all.

In my readings, I discovered that vital military fuctions were transferred to the Reserves/Guard. In a (and we all hope) limited use of military power, (or the threat thereof) these essential functioning units MUST be activated because there are no qualified active duty counterparts to do the job.

Given enough questionable alerts, standbys, mountouts, deployments, etc. I can foresee a time when the Reserves/Guard will no longer have enough participants to fullfill their required supporting role.

Somebody better pay attention!

If there are roles, tasks, or positions that are required to be performed as a result of a military engagement, then the military engaging in that activity should be prepared for it.

I don't want civilian tech-reps.

Past or future, anyone stumbling into MY fighting hole better be prepared to pick up a weapon to aid in our defense. Anything less than that, "Get the **** OUT". The ten rounds your body collects will give us an indication of their accuracy, direction, and ammunition supply.

You can count on me. I promise to notify your wives and children that you died the same ******* they have known and lived with in the past.

"But, but, but, but, but". Anytime I heard that I knew I needed a carborator tuneup on my boat's outboard motor.

And "Yes, but..." meant I had to replace the valves.

Truth lies deep, and does not float on the surface.

Semper Fi