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11-22-06, 08:38 AM
Bush's daughter robbed in Argentina

http://d.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/p/ap/20061122/capt.a78a106ed9714ce9a88329a804963f38.bush_daughte r_ny107.jpg?x=180&y=210&sig=8oPNOXs8v1UQhfSHg8orHQ--

AP Photo: Twin sisters Barbara, left, and Jenna Bush, right, daughters of President Bush, are shown at...

U.S. and Argentine media reported that one of President Bush's 24-year-old twin daughters had her purse stolen while being guarded by the Secret Service during a visit here.

ABC News, citing unidentified law enforcement reports, reported on its Web site Tuesday that Barbara Bush's purse and cell phone were taken while she was dining in a Buenos Aires restaurant.

La Nacion newspaper, citing anonymous government sources, said in its online edition early Wednesday that one of Bush's daughters had her purse taken Sunday afternoon in the popular tourist district of San Telmo.

A pair of thieves removed the purse from under a table while Secret Service agents stood guard at a distance, La Nacion reported. La Nacion said its sources did not reveal which of the Bush daughters had her purse stolen.

Argentine police told The Associated Press they had no complaint of any such incident on file, and the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires said it would have no comment. In Washington, the White House, Secret Service and State Department also declined comment.

CNN cited a law-enforcement source who was briefed on the incident as saying that "at no point were the protectees out of visual contact and at no point was there any risk of harm."

Argentina's largest-circulation daily, Clarin, ran an online report citing the government news agency Telam as saying that Barbara Bush had her purse taken along with a cell phone that was inside it. Telam cited an official source who did not wish to be identified by name and who provided no other details.

Barbara's twin, Jenna, visited neighboring Paraguay last month to take part in a UNICEF program for young professionals.

Our Secret Service at work...Now I feel Safe;)


11-22-06, 09:48 PM
October of 1987 they got me on this one in Rio de Janeiro on Copacabana Boardwalk

"I always read about these crazy scams that people think up to part tourists from their money but this is the first time one has ever happened to me. We were walking down one of the major streets in Ipanema, but it was pouring buckets of rain for most of the morning and it was a Sunday so few people were out. A guy starts gesturing madly at my shoe, were my shoe laces untied or was I in danger of stepping in a large pile of dog crap? Nope. So I ignored him and then I looked again and where the heck did that mustard come from???? This wasn't your run of the mill yellow mustard, no this was fancy Grey Poupon mustard, right smack in the middle of my tennis shoe. So I look at this guy, who is still gesturing at me and I notice he's got a shoe shine box and I think must be a really slow day if you're squirting mustard on tennis shoes, you see these weren't fancy white leather tennis shoes but mesh tennis shoes. I just kept walking and eventually he went away and I found a nice big puddle on the sidewalk and a couple of hops and *poof*, the mustard was gone (don't think the mustard would enhance the taste of the shoe much anyway). Guess it could have been worse, I could have been hit by the dog crap shoe scam that I read about in Travelers Tales or it could have been yellow mustard or even worse yet, what if I had been wearing sandals? I've also read they use mustard as a distraction and use it to part you from your wallet, my advice is to not stop, eventually they will go away."

Mine looked just like real dog crap, and the wife couldn't believe how I did this, lol. She thought a dog really did it, I told her dogs must have wings like a humming bird in Rio to do this.

I told the wife, if this happens again, when the next guy bends over to clean it off (for a fee) I'm going to knock him out and if anybody asks what happened, I'm just going to say he came running up holding his chest like he was having a heart attack and passed out.

He started jumping up and down he wanted $7 after cleaning my Reebock gym shoe, I pointed to three young Brazilian cops in dark blue baseball caps with revolvers and long billy clubs and who looked like they could run like the wind, he accepted $2 without a fuss and disappeared.


11-22-06, 11:05 PM
Don't cry for her, Argentina.

11-23-06, 09:52 AM
Don't cry for her, Argentina.

Brazil was really something else. Cops with Uzi's everywhere and I understand that tourists in restaurants now get robbed at gun point while eating dinner. The police are paid by merchants to take beggar kids outside of town and kill them; the kids affect businesses by scarring the tourists away.

Our hotel told us to let them know when we went to the beach as they would have someone watch us from the roof ? The ocean water was brown, your guess is as good as mine.

It's not like the movie "Blame it on Rio", the beaches are wall to wall people and the girls are not buxom, at best, just bubble butts, no topless that I saw, just thongs. I couldn't figure out why all those black girls were laying in that hot sun, maybe vitamin "D" ?

The local joke is, "Bringing a woman to Rio, is like bringing a bucket of sand to the beach." I couldn't figure why all the guys were hugging and kissing each other, with all those women around, maybe they got tired with so much girls around, reminded me of P-town http://www.ptown.org/

If you go there, I hope you like bongos, that's all you hear 24/7 especially near the beach. They got these karate type dancers around bonfires all night on the beach, beating their tom-tom's.

The restaurants were to die for and if you get away from the beach area quite reasonable. Our plane was a day late getting us there, a Capitol Airlines charter and to make up for the lost day they gave a a Brazilian Barbecue the first night. The food was unbelievably good, wine, singers and dancers; no one complained about not getting a refund for the lost day. People were happy go lucky walking out of the restaurant with wine bottles under each arm.

You can get a cheap buzz by going into the many jewelry shops, they give you free stiff drinks of rum, sugar and lime hoping you will loosen the purse strings. The wife bought a bunch of crap, she could of done better at Service Merchandise and returned it when it all turned green, lol.

I admired a Marine cover on an Hispanic in the elevator at our hotel and he said he was in the Marines too, the Cuban Marines, oh, well... I thought his accent was a little to thick anyways. I didn't know that they issued Castro's Marines, USMC covers. Hmmm... we do buy our US Army Green Berets covers from Communist China and Motorola supplies them chips for their land-mines. I did see a kiosk in Beijing in April selling US Marine Covers, the place was a regular Army-Navy surplus store, except everything was brand new, even had GI labels on everything, must be something to do with NAFTA.

Oh, the wife got Montezuma's Revenge in Rio, don't let them open the bottled water for you, do it yourself and insist on carbonated water, sem-gas they call it and make sure it fizzes when you open it.

In Miami, customs told the pilot and crew they wanted to see their luggage and they had to take all the luggage off the 747 for New York and Chicago to get to it. Customs had the pilot and crew replaced by another crew. I was up front and watched customs search the cockpit and the Captain didn't look well.

I got my Montezuma's in Cancun, where the water is suppose to be good, lol. They have the neatest gas pumps in Cancun, the meters don't work, they have a guy with a calculator that tells you how much you got. If you don't believe him the cop in the street trying to catch you going down their 'tourist trap one way street' the wrong way will tell you. Now that is high tech, a calculator, what will they think of next ?

Hey gringo, com'on down, we're waiting for you...

I bet everyone here just can't wait for the North American Union, and the Marines are spearheading it, with General Pace leading !


Old Marine
11-23-06, 10:29 AM
Most other countries eat sh!t and bark at the moon.

There is plenty to see in the good old U.S.A.