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01-25-03, 01:28 AM
The Brits are obviously going to be involved alongside the US in Iraq.

The Australians have said they are sending a Naval unit & ground contingent, fired up after the Bali attack I think.

Qatar has said they will send brigade sized mech inf(evidently, they just enjoy a good fracas-with anyone at all)

Kuwait owes us a huge debt & has more or less opened all it's territory & air space for staging & unlimited use.

Spain announced today that their bases and airspace are available for use.

Turkey is still undecided-puplicly says no way-private sources say they will throw in at the last minute.

Canadians-maybe a naval show of force-unlikely to offer much more. (We'd have to transport, feed, clothe them-they arrived in Afganistan in jungle cammies)

Germany-expect nothing-maybe less than that.

France-the great negotiators-who knows?? Read something about them today-maybe I'll find it & post it later.

Israel is offering-but I think they are being asked to sit it out again. If attacked, I doubt they'll turn the other cheek a second time.

Jordan-no-maybe yes at last minute but I doubt it.

Italy-haven't heard-Do they even have an armed forces????

Russia and France have a tentative agreements signed for oil concessions with the curent Iraqi regime if & when sanctions are lifted. They will not want to see Bagdad fall. Could lose those oil contracts & have to find it elsewhere. Putin is the wild card tho.

Oh, here is France's proposed contribution:

Paris - In a stunning reversal of policy, French President Jacques Chirac announced today that the French government will be supporting the War on Terror after all. Five hundred soldiers from the elite L'Abandonnement du Field d'Honneur Battalion (French Surrender Battalion) of the Legion Etrangere (Foreign Legion) are in the process of shipping out to Iraq where they will assist the elite Iraqi Republican Guards in their inevitable surrender to the overwhelming might of the American Armed Forces.

"Eet ees important to be haughty and insufferable when surrendering," said General Philippe de Peepee, the Commanding Officer of the Surrender Battalion, who has personally surrendered in over 200 battles going back to Dien Bien Phu in 1954. "We French are ze world masters at surrendering, n'est ce pas, not like you arrogant Americans who never surrender. Ha, I spit on your filthy American victories."

President Chirac also announced that his government will be sending 3000 advisors from the elite Force du Collaborateur Francaise (French Collaboration Force) to assist the Iraqis in collaborating with the Americans while pretending to be part of a non-existent resistance movement.


Anyone else heard anything??

Anyone want to venture a guess on how long it will last once real hostilities open, assumng they do?

(If any of you have any inside info on strengths, time, units etc etc, please don't post them here on an open forum--probably un-necessary to even mention it here, but you'd be suprised at what I've seen on other forums)

01-25-03, 04:23 AM

I guess what my main concern is that I'm really not so much concern with who assists us, but more so with who Doesn't. I'm fairly certain my line has remained consistant: not real hip on the idea of war- however -Saddam is a dick, lying piece of crap, and needs to go, either on his own accord, or we take him out. However, the facts must be clear before we pull the trigger, and we must exhaust all diplomatic remedies before squeezing the first round off. All eyes of the world and the eyes of God are upon us. We better damm sure be right.

Can we afford to wait? Gow can any 1 man rightly answer that with certainty? If you think you can, and have all of the answers, the address for resumes is 1600 Penn Ave, Washington DC.
I don't ever want to know all of those answers, and I'm not gonna s**t myself and try to tell me or YOU that I do. Unlike all the media dorks. (TV and Radio p**s me off anymore) But, I fully understand we have been in the propoganda war since about September.

Growing up in the Generation that was lied too a helluva lot more than once(Gulf of Tonkin, and I think you can do your list from that) - the first missle cans and they way the media went to them, and the inspectors just walked up and screwed the caps off- listen boys..... NBC NCO here........ ya don't just walk up to an unarmed missle suspected of carrying an agent, unprotected , and screw off the freakin cap, OKAY? Now you COULD take the gun and put it in your mouth and pull the trigger too see if it goes off, before checking the magazine also. Which option would you take?

I'm not a real fan of our President, but that's my opinion. He has, however stepped right up to the plate better and with more cajones than well........ maybe I'm too young at 45 to adequately assess that, and it's beyond me at this point to historically assess it in an accurate manner - given the context of this situation.

The rest of the world - hey, put up or shut up. France can kiss my a**. Surrender Battallion. Little French berets. The food sucks and they smell bad. And ya know what... I have a little French in my Native American lineage.

" Ha, I spit on your filthy American victories." Ok Chirac..... while you were spouting off like Pepe Lepew.....

I crapped in your Corn Flakes, screwed your poodle, and sold the pups for beer money.

Any problems with that? Negotiate this.

01-25-03, 04:48 AM
Besides - who am I to cross-compare anyways?

The only thing I really wish would stop happening?

This is one (1, singular) NATION of people. No color. We came here as a bunch of outcasts. We came for a hope to do something better. Sure, most days, you can always find something wrong - if your look at the glass as always being half empty.

Before the Vietnam War drove that spike of division between the people of this country, WE all equally sacrificed - all the time.. When one suffered, we all did. We all stepped up to the plate and pulled our collective boots tighter, and marched forward - together - unified, and strong, even in the face of impossible odds.

Seems today, theres a great many people just dumping battery acid in that same wound the Vietnam War scars left. This Nation is more divided than ever. Contrary to what the President might say or believe or, what the media and government may be saying otherwise, it's real. Call me cynical, or negative, it doesn't matter. I'm here to tell ya... I don't like it either, but I 've been around enough, and I've educated myself enough, and - I've experienced enough personal loss, pain, and suffering - to be able to experience the littlest of joys in life. Things that most people just - take for granted.

2 years ago I really wanted another cat. We had 2 already. Snookie was older, and Freckles was the new one. Freckles was my cat until the wife stole her from me LOL. They battled for 4 years. I saw another calico (they all are) at my wife's family farm, and she flatly refused. She said ' no way, only if one shows up and decides to live with us. Well........ one did - and that's Eve.
Eve showed up on Christmas Eve (hence her name) 2 years ago - sub zero, snow 3' deep..... it took me a month of feeding her 3 x a day, keeping her water fresh, warm milk the last few days I would sit on the deck with her and use the 'cat fishin' pole to play with her. And everytime she wasn't looking, I'd pet her. She was absolutely wild. All my wife's so-called 'cat-expert friends' said "no way, that cat will never be tamed".

Best mouser I ever seen in my life - however I still have trouble with her wanting to bring them IN for the other cats to play with.... - shes turned the other 2 into outside cats... and given any opportunity, she'll knead my lap.......

and sleep there for hours on end, and right at my feet at night.....
and lick my face in the morning to wake me up.

The moral of this?

No matter how much some people try to shove down your throat that they are probally an "expert and by GOD, I'm right and YOU WILL LISTEN"!!!!!! (Marine Drill Instructors and 1stSgt's are the exception)

in the reality, is most likely their opinion they are attempting to force down your throat and pursuade your belief.

Educate, assess and decide youself. Seek people you trust and value. Discard what doesn't work for you, and move on.

Semper Fidelis

Rob Parry
01-26-03, 01:09 PM
Interesting views guys. The French don't want to play and are holding group hugs with the Germans. The British will be there, and many in fact are on their way. Our main concern is poor equipment. Our blokes have an updated rifle that loves stoppages, in any conditions, in fact it's so good at stoppages it doesn't do anything else. Our Challenger tanks are brilliant, until the air filter blocks after the compulsory four hours. Our helicopter blades self destruct on impulse, they were not designed for desert warfare (French).
The people are brilliant, their kit is shabby and a criminal indictment on our self serving politicians. If you meet Royal Marines place a secure lock on your weapon, they'll take it and use it; but be assurred it will be returned, clean and ready for use.

01-26-03, 01:55 PM
Rob Perry,

Sounds like you Brit Marines have the same problems that the US Marines have.

We are on the short end of the supply chain, and must make do and improvise.

After the Army, Air Force and Navy are served, we Marines are allowed to partake of the leftovers.

But I'd rather share a can of dogfood with a Marine than to eat filet mignon with an airdale, squid or doggie.

01-26-03, 03:00 PM
The Germans don't have an effective military. The French are up to their asses in investments in the Middle East, Iraq in particular, that haven't as yet paid off. Plus they've modeled their military after the Brits, but without the equivalent investments. The Russians are in the same boat as the French re: investments in the Middle East.

The Marine Corps gets to go in with equipment that's mostly past it's useful life expectancy.

I hope some of those boys learned how to re-appropriate what they need!

Would ya pass the dog food, please...I like the dry dog food myself, but ya need an extra canteen to wash it down.

01-26-03, 03:39 PM
I suspect the former Northern Alliance of Afganistan is bored to death by now-why not airlift the whole bunch to Kuwait & just let them take care of the whole mess?
Course, From what I saw on the teevee, that's a bunch that liked to jump up, pump a few rounds off then grin like a cheshire cat & go to sleep for the rest of the afternoon.

Art Petersn
01-26-03, 04:26 PM
Maybe it was the close-cropped "barracks haircuts" that gave them away. All the men's heads were cut in that familiar look of a professional soldier, skin-close on the sides, and on top a tight shock of hair that resembled new shoe-brush bristles.

"We're Marines," one man told me. "And tomorrow we're boarding a ship for . . . well . . . I really can't tell you where, but you know."

Of course we knew. In less than an hour, they would report back to a ship docked along the Southern California coast, then on Wednesday head across the Pacific Ocean, bound for a potential war in Iraq. So this was no Super Bowl party for them. This was their last night out on the town. One Marine was saying goodbye to his wife. The others were not so lucky. They all just sat around the table, throwing back beers and wrestling with the sobering uncertainty of the rest of their lives.

"We're going to war and none of us knows if we're ever coming back," said another Marine, a 28-year-old from Southern Illinois. They all requested that I not use their names. "Just tell 'em we're the men of (Marine Aviation Land Support Squad 39)," they said.

On Super Bowl Sunday, the men of MALS 39 will be watching the game from the mess hall of their ship. "That is, if we're lucky and the weather is good and it doesn't interfere with the satellite signal," said the Marine with the bald head and burnt-orange shirt. "But I gotta tell you, I'm not that big a sports fan anymore. It's going to be the first pro football game I've watched in . . . I can't even remember."

Why is that?

"Well, here's my problem with pro sports today," he said. "I don't care whether it's football, basketball or baseball. Guys are complaining about making $6 million instead of $7 million, and what is their job? Playing a damned game. You know what I made last year? I made $14,000. They pay me $14,000, and you know what my job description is? I'm paid to take a bullet."

Rob Parry
01-27-03, 03:46 PM
Art, my view is "If you take the /$ you go where The Man says you've got to go" despite hating all politicians.
There's no point complaining, they made the decision to join, so get on with the job. I say the same to my daughter, (heli Mech. Navy) and she agrees.
Old Royal Marine saying "If you can't take a joke, you shouldn't have joined up."

Hear that whistling noise?...................Incoming!!!!

01-27-03, 07:00 PM
no incoming from me you sign the line, you do the time.

Rob Parry
01-28-03, 02:43 PM
There's major consternation in the UK at present, 82% of the population are unconvinced by our leader (Smiler Blair) that we should be about to dust Sadmans military. On the other hand, they'd like to see the back of the moustachioed lunatic. It's a difficult argument, which keeps coming back to our lack of trust in our government, who are regarded now as a bunch of self serving, out of touch opportunists. (Excuse me this drum is broken, off to stores for a new one)
It's amazing how politically reactive Bootnecks get when we leave service, but when 'in' we do exactly as required, as expected.

01-28-03, 02:46 PM
I've posted a lot of stuff about Iraq lately,Rob. Some of it kinda tantalizing! Those buggers are slick, but they been seen gettin' into the cookie jar here and there.

Rob Parry
01-28-03, 03:12 PM
We've been talking (Royals, on Military Forums) a great deal about the justification for an attack. Our guys agree that Saddam is an international liability, who should have died last time. It was weakness of the first high water to pull out before reaching Baghdad.
It's surprising the depth of feeling against a military offensive to oust this man. It is seen as a political move to enhance the position and self esteem of the puppet Blair. We all know America is the most powerful nation on the planet, but the move away from Al Quieda and Bin Laden's lads seems previous and overstretch. Most of our correspondents would happily propose putting troops into places where these dust gatherers are hiding, BEFORE going after another problem.
I've an itchy feeling that Ariel Sharon may be the man to finish this one off. if Saddam launches at Israel, in a final act of defiance, the already bruised Israelis are going to want his head on a plate, and may well use their nukes to appease their people.
Can't say I blame them, but an awful lot of deaths would occur, if only the leaders had the courage last time to go the final leg, and to hell with world opinion. It's not as if they give two figs for anybodys opinion this time. Coalition? Where?
Must go and lie down, poor lad is in a lather.