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Charles Neilson
01-24-03, 10:24 PM
The following song was sung after beer rations were distributed to Marines in the tent with Corporal Charles J. Neilson of 7th Motor T Bn in Chu Lai, Vietnam in early 1967. It was the unofficial reaction of the Marines to the tune sung by Green Baret, Barry Sadler, which was a hit in the U.S. and was played ad nauseum over the Armed Forces radio. However, the following Marine version was going around in Nam as an expected response by very irritated Marines:

(to the tune of the ballad of the green beret)

We're the men, U.S. Marines
Dirty, rough and fighting mean
From the States, we came this way
Couldn't care less
'bout a Green Beret

We stalk in Paddies, both night and day
Don't need no chutes, nor a Green Beret.
Have no wings upon our chest, Fightn' Marines,
Our Country's best

With Steel Pots upon our heads,
we fight like men, and eat hot lead.
Keep your cap and silver wings,
Take them home with all your things.

We patrol and kill VC
fighting Cong, to make men free.
100 men overrun today
We saved them all - the Green Berets

I saw Marines who gave their lives
so Green Berets could live their lives.
If I die in this far land,
I hope it'll be for a better man

While they jump and sing their songs
We search the fields and kill the Cong
We're the men who fight each day,
since '75 it's been that way.

Back at home a young wife waits
Her brave Marine has met his fate.
He has died so others can live
For his land, that's what he'll give.

I know this song won't be a hit,
But a good Marine don't give a ****,
But when it comes to glory and fame,
We'll kick your ass and take your name!