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11-10-06, 10:19 AM
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Theres a question I've been curious about for a while and that is, I'm in school for my MOS, 5711, or NBC (CBRN) defense, and all the E-8s I have seen are Master Sergeants, can a Marine in any MOS become First Sergeant or is it just certain ones. Likewise, what exactly determines if a Gunnery Sergeant gets promoted to First or Master Sergeant.

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11-10-06, 11:01 AM
After being promoted to Gunnery Sergeant you are asked to choose your career path, either as a First Sergeant, or as a Master Sergeant.

The choice of First Sergeant is an administrative choice (MOS 9999) and leads to future promotion to first Sergeant followed by Sergeant Major.

The choice of Master Sergeant will keep you in your field (MOS) with future promotions being to Master Sergeant followed by Master Gunnery Sergeant.

These choices once made are irrevocable and the chosen path must be followed throughout the rest of your career.

11-10-06, 11:11 AM
In the late 1960's there were Master Sgt's acting as 1stSgt's.