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11-10-06, 09:35 AM
Want to inspire your sons and daughters? I was very happy to read the article in this forum about my Marine. SSgt James L Aultman Jr., (here is the link) http://www.leatherneck.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35585

He is currently deployed in Iraq and hopes to get home sometime next spring when he plans to marry (and start a family I hope for he is my only son.)

I have written to Govenor Jeb Bush on a number of occasions who has taken his time to personally write back and always thanks us for his service.

We have a long history as a family, in this country with the Aultman's arriving here in 1721. I am one of the very few who has not served in the service. I regret that now. I think that makes me all the more proud of my son. I know his late Grandfather ('31-94) would be proud (US Army '51-53) as are his three grand uncles all WWII vets, US Army, US Navy, US Army. Next to me and my wife, the most proud man I know of my son is his Uncle, Col. William (Bill) Petersen USMC Ret.

To all of you who have and are serving and defending the United States, I humbly salute you on this birthday of the Corp.

James Lawrence Aultman Sr. (Larry)

11-10-06, 09:59 AM
Mr. James Lawrence Aultman Sr. (Larry),
I know that I was jumping out of my boots when I saw a picture of my Marine son on his Battalion/Regiment website a couple of years ago. Your pride shows in your writing. The best to you and yours not only today, the 231st Birthday of the Marine Corps, but also tomorrow, Veteran's Day. Please pass on my personal thank you's.
Adios from South Florida.