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11-09-06, 08:49 AM

A while back, the C.O. and I were upgrading our cable service, so we had to turn in the old box and get a new one. I was wearing one of my Marine T shirts. We walk up to the counter and explain what we’re doing, yada yada yada…

Clerk; Are you in the Marines?
mrb; Veteran, I passed the torch many many moons ago.
Clerk; looking towards the C.O. Is it true what they say about Marines ?
mrb; standing a bit taller now You mean faithful, honorable, dedicated ?
Clerk; confused look on her face
Mrsbsox; leaning over the counter YOU MEAN ANAL, DON’T YOU !!
Clerk; dropped head and grinned

Are we really ANAL ??
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11-09-06, 12:58 PM
ROFLMAO!!!! Thanks for the laugh.