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11-07-06, 03:02 PM
I am currently not in the Corps but i have longed for the day that i actually could join up. Im trying to get a recruter to come up to my school to talk but i live so far up in NH that the nearest one is 4 hours away. But what i want to know is that if some of you guys could tell me some of the things im going to need to do or to help to prepare to get in. Also things that a recruiter might not tell me or would lie a bit about just to get me into it. I've already taken the ASVAB and got a 68 on my AFQT, which i think i could raise if i was taking it at a actuall testing station. Lastly i was wondering if anyone knew if joining with a GED would lessen my chances of geting in or affect what my AIT would be.
If someone canhelp me out with any of this it would help me greatly and get me that much closer to being where i want to be in life.

sgt tony
11-07-06, 03:33 PM
Well I would say stay in school and keep working hard to make life better if you are able to join down the road. First things first what grade are you in high school? Junior or Senior if you are a Senior then I would suggest that you call the recuriter and ask if he will meet you some where. You need to know that they have so much on there plate that the 4 hour drive could be putting off getting a Poolee ready to ship the next day or many other things that he/she is doing. You might try to see if you can find others in your area that might be interested in joining. I don't mean get your buddys to say yes and not realy mean it.
Your best way to find out what it is like to be trying to join or are in Dep (Poolees) is to chat and read what they have posted.
If there is anything I can with help give me a message.

Best of Luck

11-08-06, 12:27 AM
You need to change your nick from PFC, you're not a PFC.

11-08-06, 12:34 AM
Manny the Lance Corporol is right lose the PFC you may need to reregister, we are here to help and will be waiting for you.


11-08-06, 12:28 PM
If you have a GED then you'll need to get 15 college credits to be able to join.

11-08-06, 09:09 PM
Wow...Clarksville. That is in the middle of nowhere. I'm down in Londonderry, NH...literally 4 minutes away from RSS Manchester, so I kind of have it lucky. What would be the closest one to you because I only know of Manchester, Concord, and Portsmouth and those are all pretty close to me and not you. Hope you figure it out. If your serious about it you won't be ignored. Contact someone and they'll figure something that can happen

11-08-06, 11:08 PM
Last I heard, they aren't excepting GED's unless you have college credits. The Marine Corps is able to be able a little more choosy I think, since so many are trying to join. But, if you get a high test score, and you are motivated enough, you might get a waiver. Your recruiter would know more though.