View Full Version : Another Kerry Purple Heart? (a poem)

11-07-06, 08:18 AM
Another Kerry Purple Heart? (a poem)

A question lurking in my brain

Since last week’s Turkey shoot;

Do we honor Big John’s bitter pain;

From that big hole in his foot?

After all he has a history

Of injuries self-inflicted;

And by now it’s not a mystery,

He’s Purple Heart addicted.

Big fool at a big convention,

Salutes a room of fellow fools,

Disregarding past dissension,

Treasonous trampling of the rules;

He thought we vets were easily sold

By his phony Purple Hearts;

That we’d forgive the lies he’d told,

Just dimwit, dense old farts.

Yeah, John believes that we’re all dumb,

From sixties to the present,

Dull pawns beneath his Brahmin thumb,

Every fighting man’s a peasant.

Not for us peons mystery hats,

From Cambodian faux incursions;

No, we’re just ignorant boonie rats,

To Big John, just dumb diversions.

Last week John Kerry boldly stood,

Sharp quip within his quiver;

A line might have been really good,

But he was too dumb to deliver.

So I call upon our president,

That one, you know’s, not smart?

To award what’s need is evident,

A Kerry Dumb Ass Purple Heart.

Russ Vaughn 11 7 06