View Full Version : Welcome Back Home Pfc.johnson!!

11-06-06, 08:29 PM
For those who know her(christine-06). She has came back a Marine!!! Way to go girl!! Lets all give our congrates to her! :thumbup: :thumbup:

11-06-06, 08:34 PM
Wow, time flies mighty quick. Welcome home Christine and congratz

11-06-06, 09:31 PM
Congratulations Marine and welcome back home! Pfc too outstanding OORAH!!! I have requested that your membership be upgraded to Marine.

Semper Fi


sgt tony
11-06-06, 10:37 PM
welcome back Marine

11-07-06, 02:41 AM
Welcome Back! Glad to see you earned the title! How was boot camp?

11-07-06, 06:12 PM
Hello everyone, yes i'm finally back.

devildoghopeful- boot camp was a challenge yet fun at the same time, i actually miss being in training i'm not quite use to the civilian life anymore but i'm keeping myself busy with talking about the Marine Corps at my high school and stuff, so far so good.

SSgt Nelson- thank you. Do you happen to know how victor is doing? i definitly missed this site while at boot camp, i had my mom keep me up to date on what was going on while i was at boot, i'm glad to be back.

Thanks Bret.

11-11-06, 08:26 AM
Well in a couple days i'll be heading out to go to MCT so i won't be on here for a few more weeks, i'll be sure to check in once i'm done with the rest of my training. Thank you to everyone who's given me support and advice, it hasn't gone over looked. Semper Fi

11-11-06, 09:34 AM
Christine you have come a long way from when you were a Poolee on these boards. Get the most out of your MCT and school training as you proceed from here. Come back and check in when you can. You have always done well and have made us proud.

Semper Fi


11-12-06, 08:39 PM
Thank you SSgt, I'll make sure to keep in touch and if i can't check in for awhile for whatever reason, i've told my mom to keep updating everyone.

11-13-06, 09:11 AM
Congrats, Christine! Welcome to the Corps.

11-13-06, 09:49 AM
Welcome back!

11-13-06, 10:18 AM
Welcome back and a job well done finishing the toughest recruit training in the world and for being a proud member of the finest organization in the world.

Semper Fi

12-05-06, 08:30 PM
well i'm just stopping by quick while sitting at the airport waiting to go to mos school. i graduated from mct today, i was in the top 5% of my platoon so i got a meritorious mast. i'll be in touch soon after i get settled in at Mos school. hope everyone is doing good.