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11-02-06, 01:03 PM
US marines in Subic rape case coping ....
Thursday, November 02 2006 @ 06:05 PM GMT


02 - US marines in Subic rape case coping, "positive" of Nov. 27 verdict

On the anniversary of the alleged gang rape Nov. 1, 2005 of a Filipino woman by four U.S. marines inside the Subic Bay Freeport, their leader today said they are coping and trying to maintain a positive outlook of the case.

S/Sgt. Chad Carpentier told the Philippines News Agency (PNA), his friends are confident of the verdict that Makati Regional Trial Court Judge Benjamin Pozon is expected to promulgate about November 27.

"We are coping okay, I guess trying to maintain (a) positive outlook and feel(ing) confident in our case," he said in an e-mail.

In a related development, due in part to the rape allegation, this year's U.S. participants in joint military exercises with Filipinos, have been briefed on acting as good ambassadors even as they enjoy liberty.

The participants numbered 5,700, and Marine Capt. Burrell Parmer said they "have started taking opportunities for liberty" prior to departing for their Japan home port in a few days.

Parmer said the alleged rape incident is "an exception to events" during the annual exercises. The alleged victim, "Nicole," participated in a rally Tuesday at the Subic's Alava pier, where the "USS Essex" was reloading equipment and personnel for the return trip to Japan.

As of press time, L/Cpl. Daniel Smith, who is accused as the person with direct sexual knowledge of Nicole has not responded to a request for interview.

Aside from Carpentier, Smith's co-accused in the alleged rape of 22-year old "Nicole" are L/Cpl. Keith Silkwood and L/Cpl. Dominic Duplantis all with the Japan-based US Marine Corps.

The four accused were embarked with the same "USS Essex," which was then preparing to leave Subic Bay after two weeks of joint Philippine-American military exercises.

While awaiting judgment, the quartet are in custody of the U.S. embassy, where they also attend mass and prayer sessions with, among others, Fr. James Reuter who had expressed "concern for the boys."

The exercises are held regularly from October 16 to 31 each year, with November 1 as the usual start of so-called "liberty," a military term for private time and recreation.

The quartet were on liberty on November 1 and were having fun inside one of Subic Bay's night clubs when Smith, from the State of Missouri, got acquainted with the woman.

Smith insisted what happened with Nicole was consensual sex; the woman said she was in a very drunken state while being assaulted.

She claimed Smith's companions egged him on but the three denied the allegations.

Carpentier, in particular, said he was unaware of what was happening at the back of the van since he was sitting by the driver's seat out front.

The Marines and Sailors in this year's batch "have been briefed regarding liberty…(and) have started taking opportunities for liberty," Parmer said.

"This (liberty) will continue until our departure in a few days once our equipment is back loaded onto the three-ship Essex Amphibious Ready Group," he told PNA.

"Our Marines and Sailors have been briefed regarding liberty and will act as the good ambassadors that they are," he said in an e-mail. (PNA)

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