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10-18-06, 12:45 PM
The book is titled: From The Sands Of Iwo Jima To The Deserts Of Iraq The Few and The Proud- Marine Corps Drill Instructor In Their Own Words by Larry Smith. It has a copyright of 2006.
I just found it in the Public Library System here in Broward County, South Florida, perhaps it is in yours.
Here is a list of names listed in the Table of Contents. Perhaps you may know of them.
Chuck Taliano
Iron Mike Mervosh
Bill Paxton
Ed Walls
Dave Robles
Robert Mastion
Eddie Adams
Matthew C. McKeon
Morton Janklow
James Wheeler
Gene Alvarez
R. Lee Ermey
Mike Malachowsky
Geen Doughty
Hermann Rhett
Ellis Cunningham
David Dinkins
Denise Kreuser
Doris Kleberger
Mary Sue League
Jeanne Botwright
Christine Henning
Rodolpho Rodriquez
Clint Kreuser
Josh Wylie
Rob Bush
Will Post and
Keith Burkepile

Eric Hood
10-24-06, 01:25 PM
The book came out in June. I think, I read it in two days. It is worth every cent of it's price.
Semper Fi,