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01-19-03, 07:17 PM
We all know some gunny that had that extra little touch, maybe a 1stSgt thought was just downright devout about it, or a SgtMaj that had decades to hone his skills at reducing ya to nothing & wishing for a court martial instead.

My worst one came from a little higher up And I mean eyeball to eyeball in yore face ass eatin. Been back in the states about 6 months I think, 71, NAS Millington. I'd spent the last few months doing what everybody returning home did-trying to make up for lost time in every respect. E5 with a years pay in the bank(minus what I spent on R&R) No cull factor whatsoever, burnin the candle at both ends, drinking real beer & whiskey. Brawlin with sailors, ya'll know the story. Thanksgiving weekend comming up & I was planning to go home to E Texas. It wasn't to be-the Corps had other plans. Word came down at the last minute that the CMC, (maybe Gen Cushman-can't remember now) was going to make a stop at Millington for a curosory inspection of the Marine's while on his way back from P-Cola to DC. A quick, on the tarmac type thing. I got 'volunteered' because of my height (6'4"). Anyway, I sent my greens out to the laundry, since I hadn't had em on since they went into storage in Okinawa a year & 6 mos earlier. Get my ribbons put together, since I hadn't yet as some of them were just catching up with me. Get up Sat morning to get dressed and march over to the flight line. Snowin like a banshee and the wind howlin out of the North. I'm hungover too, not in a good mood. I'd soon be in a much worse one. Plane lands, we're standing at attention of course & the inspection starts. For some reason, we still had m14's there, & I hadn't picked one up in over a year since we were using the 16 at Marble & I'd never done any cl;ose order rifle drill with a 16 anyway. CMC makes his way down the line, I go to presnt my rifle for inspection, & one of the buttons on my greens popped off & landed right on the general's shoe. He leans down picks it up, sticks it in my pocket & commences the ass chewin. Nearly chin to chin. The wind wasn't howlin nearly as loud as he was. "Your name-Seargent?!? What unit are you with?!!!? Look like you just came out of a Goda** bar!! Are you going to stay in the Corps? If so, you best straighten your act up & get squared away. .............................(there isn't enough periods availabe in the world to emphasize how long & how severe it proceeded to get.) Naturally the base commander is there, as well as my CO.
You've heard the expression "liberty's good-don't screw up"? I didn't see the outside world for a couple of months, but it squared me away & got me to realize my part of the war was over. Back to being a polished Marine again. I had to stand inspection every weekend, both in uniform & JOTB. I avoided my CO & the base CO like the plague.

OK, who can top that one? I know some of you old (& young) ppl have had your butts in a sling before.

01-20-03, 01:39 AM
The worst butt chewin' I ever had was nothing in comparison to one I witnessed.

About a year after I picked up Sergeant, we had a black Lance Corporal runnin' around the AO who was givin' folks grief. We were in the tail end of gettin' some of that racism stuff sorted out, it had flared up again fer some reason, so folks were walkin' on eggs about it. Anyway, this Lance Corporal would go off on ya if ya didn't agree with everything he said. If you were white, you were racist, if you were black, you were an Uncle Tom.

We also had a black Master Sergeant in our unit. That Master Sergeant was a man. Everyone respected him and we were even a bit in awe of his professionalism and demeanor. He never had to raise his voice, he kindly made suggestions and whatever he said got done and we were happy to do it. I would even say we all loved him for who he was. A man and a Marine.

I was walkin' down the area and saw them talkin and heard something I couldn't quite believe. That Lance Corporal was feeling full of himself and called the Master Sergeant an Uncle Tom. The Master Sergeant called him to attention. I stopped, 'cause I was ready to kick some butt, but I knew the Master Sergeant could handle it, so I thought I'd stick around and learn something. Maybe escort the kid to the Sergeant Major's office or something.

I overheard the worst butt chewin I think anyone has ever witnessed. The Master Sergeant never raised his voice, he spoke calmly, softly, almost kindly. Placing his hands behind his back he proceeded to walk around and around that Lance Corporal, stopping to speak in his ear from time to time...and never stopped talking. He never used an obscenity, he never called the kid one bad name. He never made a demeaning remark of any kind. I left after five minutes of that. It was hard to listen to even not being on the recieving end of it!

That kid was a quiet man after that butt chewing. Never called anyone any kind of name after that, that I'm aware of.

01-20-03, 03:37 AM
Noe that I think about it, his VW maybe was 'Baby Blue' LOLOLOL

Friend of yers, Bones?

01-20-03, 11:17 AM
Oh, and thru my brillant streak of Marine Corps Mind...

Sergeant Major Sammy Rhodes, USMC

One sh it hot Marine if I ever seen one.

Semper FI SGTMAJ whereever ya are........

01-21-03, 12:06 AM
Originally posted by firstsgtmike

Sitting in a bar on BC Street one afternoon. The door opens, bright sunshine pours in. A Marine stands in the doorway, letting his eyes become accustomed to the darkness. He spots the object of his search, a bargirl, sitting with several others, waiting for the night's business to begin.

I read this early, over coffee, but didn't have time to reply before work.

I left on the freedom bird from DaNang & went to Camp Hansen to get proccessed out to the states & pick up my uniforms like everyone else. Had liberty granted of course & a buddy from HMH 463 & myself went down to BC street for, well, you know, or can guess. Strangers in a strange land once again. There's a little guy outside every joint screamin "Foorshow floorshow floorshow!!!" We spend the better part of the night & a sack full of cash in the Texas bar or the Asian bar, can't remember but I think it was the Asian. To get in, you go in a door on the street, walk up a long set of dark stairs, then in another big door & you're in heaven. Well, like I said we spent a fair amt of $$ & arranged to meet a couple of the girls outside when they were closing. They walked us to the door & we went down the stairs to wait outside. But I heard em lock the door behind us. Waited a little while & looked round back and all the girls were hightailin it out of the area in cabs. We'd been had of course. Went on back to Hansen, but weren't smart enough to let it alone. We went back down to BC St about dusk the next night and stopped on the corner a block before the Asian, & stopped every Marine & soldier, & sailor that came by & told em the Asian bar was #10,000, a rippoff. Well that went ok, till the hawker outside the Asian stopped one of em and evidently the soldier spilled the beans about why no one was comming in his bar. The little guy started toward us, stopping in every bar between us & the Asian. He had a good sized fireteam when he reached our corner. A cursin match, shovin match & then a mellee started when they got to us, I got in a couple of shots before a tennishoed foot caught me up side the head-my friend was faring no better. They never laid a hand on us, but God almighty, the feet were flyin. Beginning to think my mother was going to get that awful visit or telegram afterall, when all of a sudden the whistles were blowing & a couple of cpls & a SSgt with billyclubs was knocking them off us. SHOREPATROL!!!! Then they drug us up off the sidewalk, wanting to know what it was all about. Ssgt just shook his head & said we were lucky they didn't kill us. Gave us two choices, go back Hansen for the rest of the night with liberty suspended or find a 'brothel' (not his term) to spend the night in. I asked if he knew where one was-he put us in the wagon & took us straight to the Misty motel. A fine establishment in which to recover & reflect on the evening's adventure, among other things. ;)
Only time in my life I was glad to see the SP's show up.
Caught the bird to Travis the next morning, I think with a shoeprint still on my jaw.

Saddly I hear BC st is now a respectable place for turists & locals.
Even renamed it but I don't remember what it is now.

01-21-03, 01:17 AM

1995. B.C. Street was part of an indoor-outdoor shopping mall. The storefronts that line the street and used to be bars, tailors and pawnshops are now upscale boutiques.

Camp Hauge where I was stationed, and Chibana where we lived for three years were transformed into high rise apartments and shopping centers.

All that was, no longer is.

Thank God for memories.

Semper Fi

01-21-03, 01:37 AM
I guess next, one of you will be tellin me the JoLo in Olongapo is now a Baptist Mission. I got so drunk on San Maguile that I went home with the mamsan. I'm still younger than she was then. Be glad when that memory fades.

01-21-03, 06:51 PM
I heard Magsaysay was gone now along with subic city in all her glory! I have heard the little town outside the airfoce base is still there .I"M thinking ANGELES CITY!! thats it.
Worst butt-chewin Sgt. Maj Rodriguez for being the first marine in the batallion to get office hours for being bad in the little town outside Hansen there on Oki. Kinville does that sound right I forget.

01-21-03, 07:43 PM
Anyone who wants to update memories of P.I. , here are four websites for you.





I can't help you with questions re: Angeles, Manila, etc. I'm 600 miles south of Manila.

Semper Fi

01-22-03, 11:48 AM
Originally posted by leroy8541
Worst butt-chewin Sgt. Maj Rodriguez for being the first marine in the batallion to get office hours for being bad in the little town outside Hansen there on Oki. Kinville does that sound right I forget.

You're pretty close on the name of the ville - Kin Village; Kin Ville was pretty commonly used, though.

Semper Fidelis, Frank

Super Dave
01-22-03, 01:18 PM
We refered to it as SIN-ville...fitting i think.

Super Dave
01-22-03, 01:20 PM
The best/worst ass chewing I was on the losing end of was from Gunny Bustamante. Damn, for as small as he was he had a set of lungs that could kill. I forgot what I did, probably just being a smart ass short timer or something. He toasted me ass for a good long while.

01-23-03, 07:22 PM
Gentlemen of the Forum:
My name is Gary and I draw a weekly captionless cartoon for a wonderful Marine Support Group named Marine Mom's Online. My son is currently stationed, as a squad leader, in Camp Lejeune with 2/8, Weapons Co., 81mm Mortar Plt. My cartoons are my contribution to all those who have voluntarily offered their support and advise, unselfishly, not only to me but to all parents, friends and loved ones concerned with their Marines.
I saw a post about a recruit, over six foot tall, who had a Drill Instructor, not much more than five feet - eight inches tall, who was "into it" big time with the recruit and eventually had the reccruit build a staircase so that he , the DI, could now be taller than the recruit. The a**chewing commenced but this time with a smile.
Well, I drew a cartoon loosely based on this story. I don't know how to present this cartoon to this forum. If anybody would like a copy...let me know and I will e-mail it to you, no sweat.
I enjoy this website. I realize that it is quite an exclusive (and justifiably so) website. A membership that has been forged with experiences unlike my own. But as long as my son serves, honorably, I feel comfortable offering any contribution that I can.
Gentlemen, Warriors, Philosophers and such....Thanks for you your time.
Adios, from South Florida.

01-23-03, 08:06 PM
Osotogary, We like Marine families around here.

Like I said before. Some of us even have families!

The rest were raised on alligator milk and raw meat by mountain lions! :D

Sound off whenever ya want!

01-23-03, 08:12 PM
I was gonna PM this, but a couple others might be curious as well.

Ya wanna put a pic in yer post, make sure ya have it on yer hard drive in yer 'My Pictures' file. You can only post pics that are a certain size as ya gotta resize them. it's 300 X somethin or other. The 300 is the one ya gotta watch. I go to 299 X whatever.

When yer ready to post it, at the bottom of the message 'block' where ya type, theres a 'button' that says Browse, click on that, wait, pick the My Pictures file and open it. Then click on the pic ya want. Click open and there ya go yer back on leatherneck where ya just left, click submit and yer done.

that's the way it works for me anyway.

01-23-03, 08:31 PM
Originally posted by Osotogary
My son is currently stationed, as a squad leader, in Camp Lejeune with 2/8, Weapons Co., 81mm Mortar Plt. as long as my son serves, honorably, I feel comfortable offering any contribution that I can.
Gentlemen, Warriors, Philosophers and such....Thanks for you your time.
Adios, from South Florida.

Thank You Gary and Congratulations to you for raising a son with the values, courage and commitment it takes to become a Marine. I commended for your attitude also.

Good Luck and God Bless Your family and All the Patriots

Joe T.

01-23-03, 09:06 PM
Your words are both gracious and profound. In other words, thank you very much for the welcome.
Speaking of mountain lions; there is a book called "Crow Killer". It is about the mountain man named Jeremiah Johnson. ( A movie was made about him starring Robert Redford). Well anyway there is a part of the book were Jeremiah has escaped from an indian encampment by chewing through his leather constraints and coldcocking his indian guard, severing that same guards leg, along with buckskin leggings with a knife, and heads out, during a severe winter storm, in the direction of his trapping partners cabin. To make it short. He finds a cave and starts a fire to warm himself up. After eating some of the leg he falls asleep as he begins to warm. He is awoken by a tug. The tug has been perpetrated by a mountain lion pulling on the severed , frozen leg.
The book mentions that a short battle takes place and the mountain lion is discouraged and leaves. The tussle has, however, awoken the hybernating beer who was also using the cave. If memory serves me correctly, another battle takes place. The book mentions that the bear was good but Jeremiah Johnson wasn't in a particularly good mood himself. The bear retreated back into the den(cave) but Jeremiah decides to leave the cave and head towards the cabin of his friend.
Now all of this takes place around the Yellowstone (Wyoming, Montana, Idaho) area. I checked a road atlas and found all mentioned areas mentioned. You might wish to read the book. I found it in the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Public Library System.
Thanks again.

01-23-03, 09:22 PM

Thanks for your kind words......

We would love to see some of your work....
I believe....one of us can help guide you to have you post your pictures......
Bones gave you good advice....If you need more help....Just PM one of us....
We are All Family........



01-23-03, 10:12 PM
I am ,pretty much, a total cyberspace idiot. I have understood what you have said but , for the life of me , I cannot find "browse". I would imagine that this message is being typed in the "block" which you mention. I have the cartoon in my document file, on my hard drive. I'll just have to work at it.
In the mean time...if you would like to see some of my work ( I call it stuff). enter Yahoo.com., Search for Marine Mom's Online. Enter the site (you may have to register but that is no problem). There is a section called Cartoon Central by Gary. I think this is the 33rd week. The cartoons are for everyone and the captions are not mine.
Until I finally figure out how to implement your instructions, viewing the MMO site is a viable option. My best to all.

* Thanks again to all for the welcome.

Note to USMS0311:
In a perfect world I would have raised my son from his birth until now but I can't take credit for the entire time span(Divorces do that). Joining the Marines may have been my idea but I am sure that his recruiter had some major input. I think he made a wise choice because it was his own and as such I welcome the opportunity to support his decision. From a distance, it is really the least that I can do.

01-23-03, 10:54 PM
click on post reply at the bottom of this page and go from there.

I've only been at this a year or so myself, so I know what yer talkin about. Just keep pluggin away and askin questions. You'll get there!

01-24-03, 08:40 PM
Thanx bones I didn't know how to do this

01-24-03, 08:42 PM
I did it, I finally did it. OOOOOORRRRRRAAAAAHHHHH

01-24-03, 08:48 PM
Do what little I can, LeRoy! ;)

Semper Fidelis,


01-24-03, 11:04 PM
Cartoon test. Hope this works. If so , add your own caption.