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01-18-03, 02:13 AM
There is much that your child might learn here that will help them make a decision concerning joining the Marine Corps or another branch of the service. There is information of all kinds, from basic Marine training to Veterans issues. We have a myriad of experience, training, education and backgrounds. There is great wisdom and knowledge to participate in. WWII Veterans to fellow wannabes who have some little experience dealing with Marines. There are Marine families and friends on the site. There are active duty Generals and Privates just out of boot camp on the site. There are professionals and labourers and Marines from all walks of life on this site. Preachers and sinners, we have much that would be valuable to those like you who might wish to know us.

I must warn you that the Marines that I have met are tough to the core of their being. They have to be. We are the most able and frightening military organization that has ever existed. Marines in particular are the best trained fighting men, in all aspects of warfare, that has ever existed. Each generation leaves a legacy that succeeding generations do everything possible to meet or exceed. We are fighting men. The women in the Marine Corps are trained this way as well, although none has officially been involved in combat. Fighting men and women. We have the spirit of the greatest warriors who have ever taken to a battlefield, yet we have the training, discipline and organization of professional soldiers that few armed forces have ever been capable of. We are trained to live, but will sacrifice life itself for our fellow Marines. We are trained to be tough. We have to be. It is our job, it is our tradition, it is our life. We fight like no other, on any level. We die for esoteric things such as love for or brothers. We sacrifice our Marine Corps career for the greater good of our Corps. We watch our buddies die for things we do not always understand or fully comprehend. We ruin our bodies and our minds in search of one thing. Being the best that ever walked the face of the earth. We do this for freedom. We do it for patriotism. We do it for the love that we share as brothers in arms. We watch those who cannot compete for our title fall by the wayside. Inadequate and defeated by what we do every day. Day in and day out.

We have a battle cry like no other. It sends chills down the spine of any person who hears it as it roars from the throat of one or a thousand Marines. It is a cry that means business, and all who know Marines know this. Those enemies who hear that Marines are coming tremble inwardly. The name itself is unmatched, anywhere, anytime, anyplace. We care not for anything but the mission and our brothers. We mean business. The lives of our brothers depends upon us and only us. We take our name, our traditions and our motto and sayings seriously. They have real meaning for us, not as history, but as life itself. There is nothing about the Marine Corps that is history. We are a living, breathing hell on earth to those who oppose us. We are a brotherhood, a family.

When we are disrespected in anyway, we are of course offensive in response. We are a force of offensive military might. It is our nature, ingrained in us from the first day we set foot on the yellow footprints in boot camp until the day we leave this earth to go to a better assignment. Common courtesy, respect and yes, even fear are our due. We've earned it. We've proven ourselves time and again as individuals and as a group of individuals who work toward a common goal. Protecting our way of life, the freedoms we all enjoy, the peace we all expect, the prosperity we all strive for. Thank a Marine for what you have. Treat him and her with respect at all times, and you will find a Marine there to help when it is needed.

Use our motto, our war cry, our phrases at your own risk. You have then showered disrespect upon us, however unknowingly. We will correct you. How can we not? For we correct each other often and sometimes harshly...even in our humour towards each other. We are harsh. It is a harsh profession that we are engaged in. Mistakes kill people. Discipline is more necessary than food to us. Without self-discipline, we are just another mob.

Let your children come and learn from us. We will teach them much even if they later decide to join another armed force of this United States. But while they are among us, we deserve to be treated with respect and common decency. It is our right as fellow human beings, as Americans and as United States Marines.. We will demand it.

We have sacrificed too much to act otherwise or to accept anything less.

01-18-03, 08:22 AM
Thank you, Rockyard