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01-17-03, 07:09 AM
"The Marine Infantryman"

As Seen By Himself:

A Stout, Handsome, Highly-Trained Professional Killer and Female Idol, who wears a star sapphire ring, carries a finely honed K-Bar, is covered with a crisp cammie cover and is always on time due to the reliability of his Seiko Diver's Watch.

As Seen By His Wife:

A stinking, gross, foul mouthed bum, who arrives home every 6 months or so with a seabag full of filthy utilities, a huge ugly watch, an oversized knife, a filthy hat, and a hard-on.

As Seen By Headquarters:

A drunken Brawling, HMMWV stealing, women corrupting liar, with a star sapphire ring, Seiko watch, unauthorized K-Bar, and a ****ed up cover.

As Seen By His Commanding Officer:

A fine specemin of a drunken Brawling, HMMWV stealing, women corrupting bull****ter, with a star sapphire ring, fantastically accurate Seiko watch, finely honed razor sharp K-Bar, and a salty cammie cover.

As Seen By Headquarters Marine Corps:

An over paid, over-rated, tax burden, who is however, indespensible since he will volunteer to go anywhere, at any time, and kill whoever he is told to, as long as he can, drink, brawl, steal HMMWV's, corrupt women, kick cats, lie, sing dirty songs, wear filthy cammies, big Sapphire rings, over-sized knives, Seiko watches and really ****ed up covers.

Gunnery Sergeant Steven Miller, USMC



01-17-03, 07:33 AM
Seeing that we're all a "Rifleman" first before any secondary MOS.
Might this apply to all male Marines?
In the words of a new Bn Commander after seeing my company coming in after being out in the bush for nine days or more without or little water.
"You people are DIRTY, DIRTY!!!"
That was spoken to the NCO's and Officers of the Bn.
We all just stood there and questioning each other.
Does this butt hole really understands with we're dealing with out there?
Dirty, filthy, drunken brawling human being, that many fear.
We're so bad that we screwed up the time of Desert Storm.
We were pushing the Iraqis back into Iraq before the "Army of One" could get out of the starting blocks!
Saddom, is full of it, all that bravo is for the fools back home.
They, being the Iraqi military were not going to laid in on the line during Desert Storm.
So I'm sure they're no more ready now.

Semper Fidelis

01-17-03, 07:35 AM
Make that "Timing" sorry!!!

Semper Fidelis