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10-01-06, 05:57 PM
Could someone tell me about this field, I go to meps on Oct 3 and I know for sure that is one of the jobs that i quaifly for. It sounds like something that I would like to do but I cant really find info on it. Maybe someone that works in that field could give me some info on the dutys.

10-01-06, 07:26 PM
Good luck at MEP's let us know how it goes. As far as your command and control question check out this link.



10-01-06, 07:42 PM
I have one more question about this field. What jobs could i get on the outside world with this training?

10-02-06, 11:18 AM
You're gonna be a comm bubba. If you've got questions about specific MOSes, shoot me a PM- I've been down with a Comm unit in Greensboro, NC for the last 2 years and some change, with any luck I can shed some light on things for you.

10-02-06, 11:25 AM
As far as in the CivDiv, Comm MOSes are great for porting over. If you end up as an 0622 (MUXster), you can get a job working with cellular providers watching cell towers, setting up cell sites, etc., starting at around 60K/year. Wiremen can end up working for phone companies as well doing line work, etc. Radio operators, well, just use your common sense on that one. SATCOM/TRAC-170 operators, etc., can get a job with satellite communications firms, etc. Comm is a great OccField to get into as far as training that can be ported over to the civilian world. Comm units are also generally great groups of Marines to work with, 'cause you gotta have at least a half-functioning brain housing group to work on the gear, and most everyone has some sort of security clearance, which means there's an incentive to not be a ****bag and get NJPed, so you it's a little easier to keep your nose clean.

Check out the 29 Palms website (that's comm school).

HOWEVER- keep your mind on the mission. Remember, you're a Marine and a rifleman first (one and the same, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to break it down barney style). If you do your contract and get out, then worry about the civilian world, but until then, maintain mission focus.