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01-16-03, 07:11 AM
"Sandra Teague" is painted on
the nose of "Switch 301", the F/A-18
with the CO's name also painted on.

The Skipper's story is a good example of the personal nature of this global war on terror. We must continue to pray that God will bring good where evil was intended.
Heartfelt thanks for your continued hard work and dedication during the very challenging months ahead.

CAG, Here's what 301 looks like and some word to explain who she is to the Vigi's.. VR Mutha Vigi's, If you are wondering about the name "Sandra Teague" on 301 here's
the story....
I have recently become friends with one of our Intelligence
Officers on the staff out here. His name is LTjg Frank Huffman and he volunteered to join our CVW-2 team just before work-ups started this past summer.
He was formerly the Public Affairs Officer at the Pentagon and was
assigned there during 911. On the morning of September 11th he put his lovely fiancée
Sandra Teague on United Flight 77 to head back to her home as they were preparing to be married that next month in October. He watched her depart
as many of us have watched loved ones depart from that lonely
glass window along side the United Flight she boarded. He remembers enjoying the last kiss, the hug, and the imagining wonderful thoughts of seeing her dressed in white as he would patiently wait in the front of the Church that they were to be married in just a few weeks. Unfortunately, before Frank would
make it back to work, her flight would crash in to the Pentagon
killing all on board and many that worked within the reinforced concrete walls. At the beginning of cruise Frank asked me if I would take a photo of Sandra with me during one of my flights. Since our arrival here in the Gulf I have flown with her picture just inside my pilot kneeboard on every flight so that she will have a first hand look at the great work we are doing here. I know she actually has an even better seat than that as she is
looking over each of our shoulders with all of the victims of 911.
I have adopted her as my silent Co-Pilot and Guardian Angel for our deployment and this is why I painted her name along side mine on my aircraft 301.
This is just one of the many reasons I enjoy working 20 hour days, seven days a week for 6 or more months at a time or longer if required...
Though I hate being away from my wife and children as you do, and its sometimes hard to get out of bed after a long day, and the weather is sometimes poor and not what I would choose to fly in, I still have the luxury to be among us.... Sandra and many with her that day were robbed of that right to live long lives, in a free country, and enjoy everything that comes with being a Proud American. Terrorists hate this and they want to take it away from us.... Yes, I'm talking about freedom.
You all are a part of this War on Terrorism.... Each and every one
of you! Some of you may think that your job isn't important but I
assure you that it is. If you are in question about that come see me and I will personally rally with you to reinsure that you are.. I couldn't do what I do without you. We're an awesome team and we have just arrived at the
"Super Bowl Game for Warriors", and when called upon we will win!
I greatly appreciate the efforts and sacrifices that each of you are
making... I'm proud to serve with you as your skipper. Its truly
an Honor!
Cdr. M.A. Hubbard